Educational Documentaries: Look For Me In The Whirlwind – The Marcus Garvey Story


Marcus Garvey is one of the most contradictory and enigmatic figures in American history, both visionary and manipulative, a brilliant orator and a pompous autocrat. He was a strong advocate of black self-help and unity among people of African descent, yet was willing to collaborate with the Ku Klux Klan. He inspired African Americans to support his economic enterprises with their hard-earned money, yet lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the mismanagement of those schemes.

Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind, the first comprehensive documentary to tell the life story of this controversial leader, uses a wealth of material from the Garvey movement-written documents, film and photographs-to reveal what motivated a poor Jamaican to set up an international organization for the African diaspora, what led to his early successes, and why he died lonely and forgotten. Among the most powerful sequences in the film are articulate, fiery interviews with the men and women whose parents joined the Garvey movement more than 80 years ago. Together they reveal how revolutionary Garvey’s ideas were to a new generation of African Americans,West Indians and Africans and how he invested hundreds of thousands of black men and women with a new-found sense of racial pride.

The film begins in 1887 in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, where Garvey was born. It covers his discovery of racism as a schoolboy and his travels through Central and South America in his 20s. The terrible exploitation of black workers Garvey witnessed on that journey angered him. He returned to Jamaica after a two year sojourn in England and Europe, determined to change black people’s place in the world. “Where is the black man’s government?” he asked. “Where is his president, his country, his men of big affairs? I could not find them.”. In August 1914 he established the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.) and African Community’s League (A.C.L.). The organization’s goals were ambitious – racial unity, economic independence, educational achievement, and moral reform — but in just two years financial woes forced Garvey to move to the United States.

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Educational Lectures: Stop Playin’ And Being Played – Phil Valentine


Dr. Valentine is the founder, director and pastor of the Temple of the Healing Spirit; Self-Healing Education Center, The Institute for Self‑Master; and just recently, The University of Kemetian Sciences. A certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (I.A.C.T.), he received his doctorate in Hygienic Health Science and Classical Naturopathy from The Life Science Institute of Texas, now merged to the Fit for Life Sciences Institute-College of Natural Health in Canada. A former member of the American Natural Hygienic Society, Valentine is currently a hygienic science and metaphysical health consultant to doctors and lay practitioners as far away as Azania (South Africa), Canada, Trinidad, Jamaica, England, Ghana, Japan and the Philippines.

“The need for a metaphysical frame of mind in problem solving in today’s world is greater than ever. In Metaphysical Psychology, the quintessential fabric of reality is de-crypted, decoded, and deciphered, allowing the student to reconfigure his or her own personal reality construct–and that, most will say is priceless!” ~ Phil Valentine

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Quotes of Wisdom: Jiddu Krishnamurti on Man’s Relationship with Nature

If you lose touch with nature you lose touch with humanity. If there’s no relationship with nature then you become a killer; then you kill baby seals, whales, dolphins, and man either for gain, for sport, for food, or for knowledge. Then nature is frightened of you, withdrawing its beauty. You may take long walks in the woods or camp in lovely places but you are a killer and so lose their friendship. You probably are not related to anything to your wife or your husband.

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti