Wisdom Books: Seneca’s Epistles Volume II


The Epistulae morales ad Lucilium is a bundle of 124 letters which were written by Seneca the Younger at the end of his life. These letters all start with the phrase “Seneca Lucilio suo salutem” (Seneca greets his Lucilius) and end with the word “Vale” (Farewell). In these letters, Seneca gives Lucilius tips on how to become a more devoted Stoic. Lucilius was, at that time, the Governor of Sicily, although he is known only through Seneca’s writings. Some of the letters include “On Noise” and “Asthma”. Others include letters on “the influence of the masses” and “how to deal with one’s slaves”. Although they deal with Seneca’s eclectic form of Stoic philosophy, they also give us valuable insights in the daily life in ancient Rome.

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Volume 2 of 3 in the collection (124 Epistles)

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Quotes of Wisdom: Epictetus on the Love of Righteousness


What a person applies oneself to earnestly,
that one naturally loves.
Do people then apply themselves earnestly
to the things which are bad? By no means.
Well, do they apply themselves to things
which in no way concern themselves? Not to these either.
It remains, then, that they employ themselves earnestly
only about things which are good;
and if they are earnestly employed about things,
they love such things also.
Whoever, then, understands what is good,
can also know how to love;
but the one who cannot distinguish good from bad,
how can that one possess the power of loving?
To love, then, is only in the power of the wise.

~ Epictetus

Wisdom of Art: The Sustainable Artist – Michael Green


My mission, simply put, is to find good homes for my art work. I’m aiming to spread awareness of our social and economic issues by artistically creating a talking point with using thrown away objects.

Whether the message be on an old T.V, mobile phone, plastic toy or anything for that matter, the message is clear…….we can begin to embrace a positive movement of change whatever our age,sex,race,nation or belief system.

How would you feel if you had a piece of art that expressed a deeper understanding of our current world problems and solutions? Enabling you to help spread positive ideas and invite others to investigate our possible future further.

~ Michael Green

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