Let the Lessons of Life Begin!

Welcome to Knowledge Reform.com!

This will be my first post on my first ever blog in cyberspace so please be gentle… 😉

I have to admit I do feel a little apprehensive about sharing my thoughts about life to whoever is interested to read them.  My main priority to begin with was to create an objective website that would serve as a central resource of enlightening knowledge that I felt would enhance people’s minds and change their outlook on life.  I have read more books than what’s contained in a small library, listened to countless audio lectures and watched many a documentary which has all somewhat contributed to helping me understand myself and the world.  I thought to myself, “Why don’t I combine the website idea with a blog so that I can share this beneficial knowledge with everyone else” – so here I am!

However, if you came here looking for the latest celebrity gossip (which is unfortunately the popular thing to be preoccupied with in these modern times), you now presently find yourself  in the wrong place – so please take your leave, now!   For those non-worshippers of the celebrity and for those who wish to stay, this site will endeavour to liberate your mind and re-educate you in learning how to think for yourself so that you can overcome whatever challenge your inner-self and life in general throws in your direction.  Who cares about who wins Pop Idol or Big Brother!  Who cares what David Beckham wears in bed (well, maybe there are a few people out there who do – you know who you are)!  This is a serious site (with a bit of humour thrown in :-)) dealing with serious issues that affect all of us individually and the environment in which we live.

You can find out more of what the purpose of this site is by checking out the About page.

I will now leave you with a comment I made to a friend recently who encouraged me to create this blog (although the lazy git has still not created his yet, hence the comment below).  My friend seemed to think that the following comment could prove to be an inspiration in cyberspace.  I don’t know myself, but maybe you can make your own minds up.

“…If you really have knowledge of yourself you will know what your true purpose in life is and will instil ‘ACTION’ to satisfy that purpose – and nothing outside of yourself (opinions, irrational fears, etc) should stop you from achieving something for yourself, especially if it will benefit the future generations to come when you have left this planet.”

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  1. Salij says:

    I am grateful that you decided to post what you have discovered on this website. It refreshes one to come across words that seek to liberate rather than enslave.