“Television is Dead!” According to a Former TV Addict

Do you park yourself in front of the TV for hours on end when feeling bored?

Do you get withdrawal symptoms if you dare to miss an episode of Pop Idol or your favourite soap?

Do you watch TV even when on an exotic holiday in the Caribbean?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions then it’s time for you to turn off the TV, stop being entertained (euphemism for being ‘distracted’) and seriously think about what constructive things you could do with your time.

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of watching the odd soap and sports programs (which indeed program the brain into becoming lazy and addicted) to fill in the time, so why not get off the bad diet of junk TV and instead nourish the mind with the healthy food of self-knowledge.

I recommend you to try the following menu for a few days a week and I guarantee you will notice a huge difference in your personal growth and development:

  • Read a good thought provoking book (not a gossip magazine or comic book)
  • Share intelligent conversation with your partner, roommate or an available friend so to broaden your mind and gain understanding of them and yourself
  • Spend quality time playing fun and educational games with your kids (if you have any) and get to know and connect with them better
  • Express yourself by writing down your own thoughts and observations about life (create a blog if you like)
  • Take a nice long walk outside and connect with nature whilst thinking about what is important in life
  • Most of all, try to be creative and to learn something new everyday

Keeping to a strict diet of the meal above should keep the mind, body, spirit and relationships pretty much satisfied, invigorated and healthy during your lifetime.

Now let me leave the final word to the author and mystic, Manly P. Hall, who highlights the dangers of consuming too much television.


  1. Penny says:

    Good work Jason! More people should realise that television is actually a poison to our brain…I think regular exercise is also important for keeping our mind, spirit and body healthy too…let’s all stop being “distracted”

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Penny…and your my first comment too.
    The television should be used as just a tool for occasional viewing. It could also be used for educational purposes but that is seldom these days with today’s celebrity culture and reality TV shows.