How Ancient Philosophy Can Make You Fall in Love with Truth in 3 Easy Steps

Falling in love is a tricky business, especially when trying to find the ideal partner to share your life with.  The major challenge for any single person is acquiring the “right mate”.  So the first question you must ask yourself is, what qualities do you look for in a mate?  Here are just a few that came off the top of my head:

  • Committed
  • Compatible
  • Trustworthy
  • Faithful
  • Generous
  • Honest
  • Truthful

So in the case of “Ancient Philosophy” making you fall in love, the word “Virtue” comes to mind when describing the above qualities.   For many philosophers of centuries past, “Virtue” was equivalent with “Truth”, and without “Truth” there can be no “Virtue”.  So for one to become virtuous one must first have a love affair with truth.

Here are the following tips for you to find your own soul mate called “Truth”:

Tip #1:  Engage in Reading

Reading plays an integral role in finding “Truth”.  Seek out the many ancient philosophers of truth, so take your pick from; Socrates, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca, Plutarch and last but not least Boethius – their words of wisdom will penetrate your heart so deeply, that you will begin to develop strong feelings towards discovering “Truth” within yourselves.

Tip #2: Understand the Other Partner

You must now understand what “Truth” is in relation to your life.  You must always listen to “Truth” and behave accordingly to whatever actions it advises you to take.  You must be one with “Truth” so that your relationship can prosper towards spiritual enlightenment, self-knowledge, goodness, peace and contentment.

Tip #3:  Develop Physical attraction

Emotion is all well and good in a relationship but you should also be physically attracted to what “Truth” looks and sounds like, so watch the following:

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