Take Courage to Perform Wise Actions Against Fear – Part 3

This is a continuation of the “Take Courage to Perform Wise Actions Against Fear” series. The first post in the series can be found here.

Continuing on with my advice…

Some Homework to do for the rest of your life:


How do I apply what I have learned about myself towards dealing with certain fears or impediments of the mind?

The best way to go about dealing with inner issues is to deal with them one at a time with a clear mind.  Once you get into the habit of self-observation as I advised you to do during the routine of attaining self-knowledge, you should learn to question every thought and emotion that affects your mind, so to determine if it is contradictory to your personal development in life.

This self-interrogation is similar to the method employed by Socrates to question people about their own opinions and beliefs.

Once false opinions or beliefs are determined they should be discarded immediately if you want to make progress towards “Truth”.  The same philosophy can be used when dealing with negative feelings (false emotions such as  fear) that can impinge on your state of mind.

Think seriously about the following questions and you will find the wisdom needed to destroy any of the fears listed:

1. Deep rooted/conditioned fears

  • Why should something that was painful to you then affect you now in the present?
  • What is the point in carrying this past event as a burden although it has long since past?
  • I understand that these fears are psychological and do not actually exist in my life at the present time, so why don’t I just liberate myself?

2. Fear of responsibility

  • Why do you think that you are not responsible for all your actions?
  • Why do you think that you are not responsible for the life and external situations you have created?
  • Why do you think that you are not responsible for the relationships that you have chosen to make?
  • You may be able run away from your responsibilities but can you indeed run away from yourself (conscience)?

3. Fear of people

  • What is it you fear about people?
  • Do you fear the actual person or the image of that person?
  • If it is the image, then why are you afraid of nothing more than an illusion?
  • Why do you continue to see and be afraid of psychological things that are different from you such as; race, colour, religion, physical appearance, title, position, status, authority?
  • Can you not destroy the image that your mind has built-up so to see nothing but a human being?
  • Am I indeed afraid of myself if I am afraid of another human being?

4. Fear of opinion

  • Why do words from other people dictate how you behave towards them?
  • Don’t you have an independent mind which should govern and make decisions for itself?
  • Should anything outside of your mind affect your personal judgements or how you see yourself  as a person?
  • Why should I depend on people’s opinion to make me happy when I should depend on myself to to do just that?
  • Why can’t you stop being a slave to something that maybe false and liberate yourself to achieve anything in your power and that does not go against your nature?

5. Fear of failure or adversity

  • Why have anxiety over something that may or may not happen in the future affect you now in the present?
  • Why do you not realise in life there are ups and downs, but it matters most how you deal with them as and when they happen?
  • Why let the fear of failure or adversity stop you from wanting to take risks or to stop you achieving something worthwhile with your life?
  • Why do you not see that if  things such as failure or adversity arrive, then you’re still alive to become stronger despite them, and to carry on with the rest of your life regardless.

There is a superhero hidden inside all of us

Once you acquire the knowledge to beat your fears you can then go on to have the motivation to work towards personal development, personal growth and practical wisdom, that will benefit you in your life immensely.

Final courageous words from the man himself

Let me now share with you this last statement from Socrates that may inspire you to develop the awareness, courage, self-knowledge and wisdom to face and overcome all obstacles:

“So long as I draw breath and have my faculties, I shall never stop practicing philosophy and exhorting you and elucidating the truth for everyone that I meet … And so gentlemen … whether you acquit me or not, you know that I am not going to alter my conduct, not even if I have to die a hundred deaths.”

~ Socrates, 399 BC, in The Last Days of Socrates by Plato

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