Take Courage to Perform Wise Actions Against Fear – Part 4

This is a continuation of the “Take Courage to Perform Wise Actions Against Fear” and the last in the series. The first post in the series can be found here.


Learn Life Changing Wisdom in 42 minutes

Despite my previous long-winded posts of advising you how to beat fear, sometimes a quote of wisdom could do the same job in much quicker the time and can be just as inspirational.

So let me introduce you to Brian Johnson, a philosopher and self-help guru who produces audio books on subjects such as philosophy, psychology, spirituality and personal development.

Brian has also narrated some of the the most empowering quotes on both ‘Courage’ and ‘Action’ in audio form.  So now I wish to share these with you, and will hopefully provide you with the motivation and wisdom for you to attain the self-knowledge needed to cultivate your own personal growth.

Quotes on Courage and Action are both in Mp3 format:

Quotes on Courage

Quotes on Action

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