The Nietzsche Philosophy: Become a Superman to Protect yourself Against Swine Flu

Friedrich Nietzsche

That Which Does Not Kill us Makes us Stronger

I’m not worried about Swine Flu killing me like the rest of the world.   With all the scaremongering from every media source you can think of you’d think I’d be running down to the pharmacy to buy me one of those silly face masks.  I’ve already seen a few people in public wearing them and I’ve got to say they look rather bizarre and funny too – it just goes to show what lengths human beings would go to when frightened.

So instead I have chosen to follow the fine example of none other than the iconoclastic Superman, Friedrich Nietzsche and grow a moustache 4 times the size than is usual.

The German philosopher, Nietzsche who was filled with nothing but sarconic wit, subversive ego and tragic wisdom suffered from illness most of his life, but he refused to to be defeated by it.

Instead, Nietzsche thought himself as a Superman who can overcome his illness and overthrow every convention of society that attempted to subjugate his own “Will to Power”.  It also seemed to me that Nietzsche’s moustache represented his own philosophy of defiance and overpowering will against all odds.

I too wish to be a Superman and want to use Nietzsche’s moustache as a self-empowering  inspiration for me to achieve anything in life as well as protect myself against any nasty viruses.

The many benefits of having a Nietzsche Superman moustache are:nietzsche

  • protects against Swine Flu (that’s if you believe all the hype about a disease that came from a pig – I eat bacon for god’s sake!)
  • cheaper than buying a face mask
  • can impersonate Tom Selleck
  • can use it as a homeless shelter for birds
  • can become the greatest ventriloquist in the world because nobody can see your mouth move
  • can become a big hit with the girls –  because every woman loves a handsome man with a moustache which she can stroke at night

I just need to know what shampoo and conditioner Nietzsche used to keep his moustache in such tip-top condition…one more pic for the ladies!


  1. Claire says:

    I shall begin to grow mine at once!

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Good idea, Claire!

    Nietzsche would be proud.

  3. Cindy says:

    I shall take my chances with the vaccine and obsessive handwashing. Not fond of even the smallest moustache, nest for the birds aside. I saw a fellow the other day with two eyebrows that would match Nietzche’s stash. As these clearly will not help protect him against H1N1, I can only assume he is making a statement of some sort. But what is he saying?? And how does he even wear sunglasses to look cool? I ask you.

  4. Jason Cooper says:

    Still would be nice to grow a nice big moustache…you can be my Mrs Selleck any day of the week 😉

  5. “To overcome fear is everything.” Ain’t that the truth. I once grew a beard down to my bellybutton but I caught the stomach flu anyway. So I don’t think a mustache or even Nietzsche’s philosophy will protect me from swine flu. But a little common sense might come in handy.

  6. Jason Cooper says:

    Hi NP,

    If the swine flu doesn’t kill you, something else will.

  7. superman says:

    i superman in bpt ct love my mustache