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How to Survive and Thrive During Our Economic CrisisOh Man!  You guys out there must have done something pretty special to have pleased me recently, as I’m still feeling mighty generous (but not for long – *reverts back into Ebenezer Scrooge mode*) since the last post.

I came across a useful ebook the other day on, which is a site that I post self-improvement articles to from time to time.  The ebook in question is entitled, How to Survive and Thrive During Our Economic Crisis.

This particular book contains wise financial crisis tips and advice on how you can live relatively stress-free and comfortably whilst cutting back on the things that are not a necessity.  This is relevant for me because since the arrival of our little boy last year it’s been a bit of a struggle and we have had to watch the pennies coming in and going out religiously.

We didn’t even get to go away this summer for a break.  But to be honest with you, a holiday is definitely not at the top of my list of things to spend money on, especially when you have a baby requiring food, nappies and shelter.

Well, I just like to reward you guys for all the support you have given me so far by sharing with you this free self-help ebook.  Yeah, it’s not much, but that’s all I can afford at the moment – sorry.  Hopefully this book can provide you with the practical wisdom and a philosophical outlook towards managing any financial difficulties of your own.

Thanks again for visiting and commenting on this other attention seeking baby of mine.

Download: How to Survive and Thrive During Our Economic Crisis [PDF]

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