Empty Your Mind to Become a Creative Thinker

Empty the Mind.  Be formless, shapeless, like waterSince starting this blog, I have found it rather difficult to read (oddly enough, something that I usually love to do) a good book for any particular length of time.  My observations are, that the less I read the more creative in my writing I become.

It is also no accident to discover that through this much needed postponement of accumulating knowledge through reading, I seem to be able to produce creative thoughts much easier.  This has enabled me to come up with fresh ideas of what to write on this blog, which I hope will guide you towards learning about yourselves.

The surprising thing about writing this blog is that, so far, it has become somewhat therapeutic for me and has taught me to think for myself once more.  Sometimes you can get caught into a trap of sensory overload through trying to stuff your head with every information you can find that you deem useful for your personal development in life.

As mentioned in my Self-Knowledge is Power! Knowledge of Self Towards Successful Living post, one must learn to empty the mind to allow a chance for reinvigorating growth to happen.  I feel that too much knowledge can stifle any creativity you may have inside of you that is bursting to get out.  So it is most important to find space in your fertile mind to plant the seed for cultivating yourselves towards becoming a creative thinker.

Don’t get me wrong, reading enlightening books and blogs on the subjects of self-realisation and self-improvement, can prove to be useful to some degree.  But there comes a time when you’ll need to take a break and put the book down so that you can replenish the creative juices of action.  Surely, we all want to produce some originality when we endeavour to create something of worth?

So in that case, I assume there will be no need for you continuing to read this or any other self improvement blog again…that’s if you want to awake the creative thinker in you.

But then again, I’m hoping that my drug of a blog has already made you become so utterly addicted to my rhetoric, that you will need to re-visit daily for your customary fix from your local born-again writer…well, unfortunately it’s addictive to me, which is something that I’ve been made constantly aware of by my neglected other half 🙁


  1. Socrates says:

    Wonderful post, I couldn’t agree more.

    If one constantly reads the creative thoughts of others, he will have a harder time creating original thoughts of his own.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Thank you, Socrates! I have always been a voracious reader, but have realised that there needs to be a balance between reading somebody else’s ideas and creating ideas of my own.

    Luckily for me, my mind is quite sensitive against the over loading of information – when it doesn’t want anymore at any given time it let’s me know. I can’t force anything into my head at the moment, so let me be creative instead by writing this blog.

  3. A book is a reflection of someone else’s experience. One can gain knowledge from it, but not life. One must learn how to live oneself and often knowledge is the thing standing in the way.

  4. Jason Cooper says:

    I totally agree with you, NP.

    Self-knowledge is the key to life.