The Wise Lessons of Fatherhood: Baby J is 1 Year Old Today!

Birthday CakeIt’s my baby boy’s first birthday today and it serves to remind me that time does really pass in the blink of an eye.

It’s already been a year since I’ve had to dig deep into the recesses of my mind and soul to drag out something called “Philosophy” to help me through the difficulties of fatherhood.

But to be honest with you, it’s got a bit easier since then – Why, you may well ask?  Here’s why:

  • father and son have at last bonded (so mummy won’t get too much of a look in from now on)
  • son makes me laugh all the time (there’s nothing better than laughter to ease the stresses of life away)
  • son has taught me so much wisdom about myself and life (so forget Socrates and the like – they’ve got nothing on my boy)
  • son has given me the inspiration to write posts (as for the creation of this blog, I blame a man called Mr Blobby)
  • son has hired me to be his Football Coach for the next 17 years (which I’m happy to do for a small fee from his weekly pocket money)
  • son will be making his debut for Liverpool Football Club in 17 years (something I was hoping to do myself many moons ago)

So for all you expectant fathers out there who are on the verge of running away to hide with Osama Bin Laden in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, Just hold still for a minute and think about it – or you will be missing something of great value.

It has been valuable for me so far because Baby J has been a shining example of the wise man with few words to say but plenty of action towards learning about himself and his surroundings.

Believe me, lads, fatherhood will get easier in time, as well as being a great teacher…other than changing the odd smelly nappy and looking like a zombie because of sleepless nights.

However, I do not wish to be an overbearing father who wants to live my dream through my boy, but I’m hoping (through his choice alone…that’s if you believe me) that he will be looking like the following in a few more years from now…

John Barnes displaying his skills for Liverpool

Happy Birthday, Son!


  1. Socrates says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts on fatherhood and how it has affected you. All other infants should envy your son for being in such good hands.

    But getting back to the most important order of the day, Happy Birthday to your boy!

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Thank you for your kind words, and I will be sure to pass on your wisdom to my little wise man!