A Wise Man’s Reaction to Obama Getting the Nobel Peace Prize

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often”

~ Mark Twain

I totally agree with you, Stefan!


  1. prophet666 says:

    maybe they think that he has done more for peace in 10 months than what mahatma gandhi did in his lifetime.

  2. Mr Blobby says:

    Just 180 everything…

    If you call it the:


    Then, he is doing a just fine & dandy job!

  3. Jason Cooper says:

    Whatever you call the prize doesn’t matter because it’s just another meaniningless creation to massage Man’s ego.

    Despite this show of vanity we are no nearer to peace…obviously, ACTION is the order of the day – let’s start with the kids.

  4. Mr Blobby says:

    How about:

    Starting with OURSELVES…

  5. Jason Cooper says:

    Yeah, you’re right…where’s that blog of yours, Mr “Man of Action” Blobby? 😛

  6. Mr Blobby says:

    Mr Blobby is significantly more interested in being than act(ion)ing…

  7. Jason Cooper says:

    Well, self-knowledge is an ACTION of discovering one’s being, and is what I’d rather instigate as opposed to ACTION towards changing shitty nappies, which is an unfortunate responsibility of a parent. But Alas,

    “Sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”
    ~ John Wayne

  8. Mr Blobby says:

    Well, at least you know your son’s shit – stinks… just be grateful you don’t have to change my “shitty” nappies! :LOL:

  9. Jason Cooper says:

    Thank God for smelly mercies! LOL 😀

    Well, at least Stefan shares the same fate as me with his little girl…I think every would be philosopher should go through the wise process of changing nappies as it enhances one’s insight of what substance human beings are made of…albeit a smelly one for all that.

    That’s what I meant by starting with the kids. LOL