Learn a Wise Frightful Lesson from Halloween’s Children

happy halloween

This terrifying day comes but once a year, but some of us wish it wasn’t so
Because those us with a nervous disposition, face the day with a frown and fro

This day is maybe one, but there are those who relive this dreadful fright
Which haunts their minds and their sight, of every day and every night

How does one remove this persistent malady, which affects their mood and their very life
Does one shout “begone my fear!” then hide under the covers
Or does one look for comfort by telling others

“No!” I say, look deep into yourselves, and you will dare to find
A joyful child blooms inside, who likes to dance and sing a rhyme

Become a child like the generation today, who face the 31st with excited haste
So why not dress up like a monster, and make-up an ugly face
Ready to go out into the dark, because tonight is Halloween
Without any fear or any worry,  it’s a tremendous joy to be seen

“Trick or Treat!” you shout and scream, as you wait with baited breath for what will be next
But it matters not what eventually comes, as you will never be scared nor even vexed

The reason why for your happy mood
is that you have turned this fearful day into a delightful tune
That is the lesson that everyone can learn
You must face your fears or you’ll get burn

Heed me now as I’ll leave you all, with some good advice
Listen closely before you go, to become witches, ghosts or ghouls of vice

I say, “Learn from the child
which will give you a smile
A wise course of action
against this evil infraction”

You must conquer your fears, by becoming your fears themselves
Although your mind, must go through many delves

You’ll sure to discover a happy life, with much wealth & sunny health
But be sure to remind and shout “Happy Halloween!”, every now and again, to your very self

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