Avoid Becoming a Slave to Debt this Christmas…and for Life!

Breaking the Shackles towards avoiding debt

With Christmas being just around the proverbial corner, the short video featured in this post has been delivered by Santa (or more like Stefan Molyneux) at just the right time to empower me to emancipate myself from this mesmerising system of consumerism.

I think we all know about the social pressures and demands for us to spend what we don’t have on material goods, especially during the Christmas period.

Who doesn’t have children or loved ones who expect a bounty of prized possessions awaiting them under a twinkling tree towering over wrapped up temporary pleasures?

What the recipients fail to understand is the impending stress and anxiety of debts owed by the giver, who mostly through guilt have previously sold their soul to that yoke of a credit card.

Alternatively, one may have instead signed on the dotted line for a loan from a person wearing a suit and persuasive smile, and who resides in a building where your dreams can supposedly come true (well, that is is what we’re led to believe) – which is nothing but a facade.

These seemingly nice people who work for banks hide a little, but oh so important secret; and that is, once you’re enticed into the trap of borrowing money to fulfill your needs, you at once become a slave to the slave masters of debt.  You are then forced to give your hard-earned cash to your masters every month, as they become richer off your labour.

Debt is a huge problem not only for the money that needs to be paid back but also the interest accrued, which can hugely affect your life and relationships because of the stress of needing to keep up with repayments.  We have all but become modern day slaves to money, which can make life miserable if not managed properly.

I have been in this situation myself so I know what it feels like when you have all and sunder chasing you for money, and threatening you with the law of the land if you do not pay.

Fortunately, I have at last paid all what I owe which is like a huge weight being lifted off my head – and now I am free once more to say that I do not owe anyone a thing.  The peace of mind and liberty that being debt free brings far outweighs loaning the money to buy possessions, which is a situation that can bring too much risk for too little reward in the long run.

So here is the wisdom I now live by so not to fall into the trap of debt because of borrowing money:

  • Avoid debt to begin with
  • Live within my means
  • Only buy the things I actually need
  • Avoid the use of credit cards
  • Avoid the need to take out a loan
  • Always save the money I have to buy something that I can’t afford at the time
  • Living consciously and being aware of society’s marketing ploys and traps trying to manipulate me into buying something I don’t need
  • I have become indifferent to feelings of guilt, pressure and impulse to spend money frivolously
  • Be honest to loved ones about not being able to afford presents.  If they still don’t understand or are unreasonable I will tell them to read this post 🙂
  • If I do decide to buy presents or general items, I choose the wise action of being frugal in my spending so that I won’t break the bank – it’s the thought that counts
  • Finally, live simply and find contentment in things I have in life other than money and possessions

In conclusion, the world is maybe in a financial crisis but we don’t have to be in one. That’s the wise choice everybody can take – no excuses!

We must learn to manage money and not let it manage us.  So Break the chains of debt and remain free to live a rich and fulfilling life with nothing but contentment, happy relationships and peace of mind being our most valued possessions.

The video below applies to everyone living in a developed country, and not just America.


  1. Socrates says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, my friend. People today have such poor skills when it comes to money management.

    What I find so amusing though is that when one does fall into that sea of debt, he oftentimes will have the audacity to wonder how it all happened!

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Thank you for your insightful comment, Socrates!

    You can’t really blame people for falling into the trap of debt because in one way or the other we are all ignorant to the evil that money can bring, and also do not have the foresight of the troubles ahead if we dare to submit to it’s power.

    Maybe one needs to feel the sting of debt before one can learn an important lesson of never, ever selling their soul to something man-made and of little substance towards their own personal growth.