Stop Talking About It and Act Now!

Surely you don’t expect me to tell you how to act upon the many things that you always wanted to do?  Things that you have proudly told yourself and others in the past.

If indeed you are a person of their word, you are then obliged to do just that once those inspirational words have left your mouth.

In any case, better to not have spoken at all and to have just done the thing before doubt and apathy creeps in.

What’s the title of this post?

When there are things you want to do that may contribute towards your own self-improvement in life, just stop talking and thinking about it and do it now!

Don’t depend on anyone to hold your hand and teach you how to walk in life.  You instead can become a teacher to others, if only you would not waste the action you promised yourself to do.

You have no time to waste!  You cannot retrieve the past, which will be nothing but empty promises of potential great acts.

I liken one who is not active to someone who can be called “the living dead”.  But death hasn’t claimed you just yet, so you still breath and your active heart pumps energising blood around your body – you are still alive and have a chance for redemption towards living your dreams.

Either do it now or hold your tongue in the future whenever you have anymore bright ideas.


  1. Lauren says:

    Ooo I love self-improvement.

    This post completely applies to my aspirations as a writer.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Lauren!

    All the best with your future ambitions of becoming a writer.