10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2010 Towards a Fantastic Life of Wisdom

New Year's Resolutions 2010

Just came back unscathed from a few days spent at my mum’s place for a Xmas family get-together – now feeling (and looking) rather bloated after eating uncontrollably mum’s scrumptious cooking.

I’m now looking forward to 2010 which is almost upon us, as 2009 becomes a distant memory of perhaps missed opportunities to improve ourselves and our lives.

However, this is not the time to relive past failures of not instigating action towards a wiser life.  The past is a dead thing which has been long since buried.

So we now must look ahead to a new year of great blooming promise, and to make sure we develop the motivation and wisdom so that we can overcome any difficulties whilst improving our minds towards greater happiness, relationships and achievements in our lives.

Here are Ten New Year’s Resolutions that I recommend you follow for 2010…and for life!

1. Spend more time with the important people in your life such as family and like-minded friends.

2. Turn off the junk TV and use your mind, spirit and body to do something more constructive with your time.

3. Stop reading garbage like celebrity newspapers and gossip magazines.  Instead turn to philosophical wisdom by reading enlightening and  life-changing books which will help improve your mind, and ultimately your life.

4. Instead of watching garbage like X Factor and Big Brother why not use your time to learn beneficial knowledge about the world we live by watching thought provoking documentaries and educational talks.

5. Now is the time to act upon the many projects and ideas you promised yourself to do in the past year.  Stop procrastinating and leaving things for another year otherwise they will never get done.

6. Find time to spend alone with yourself whilst observing and reflecting upon where you fit into the grand scheme of things.  Withdraw into your inner kingdom to learn the most important lesson of self-knowledge.

7. Write down your daily thoughts in a journal or you can share your thoughts by creating a blog which may go on towards helping someone else find their way in life.  Personally, becoming a creative thinker and writing down my own thoughts has been very therapeutic thus far, not to mention educating.

8. Learn to be more contented with what you presently have in life, no matter how little.

9. Despite the financial crisis you can learn to be more sensible with your money by being frugal and avoiding any stressful debts.

10. Last but not least, attain peace of mind by living simply.

I hope by applying these resolutions to your lives you can all have a more prosperous and wiser new year.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Fatima Da says:

    Seasonal Greeting to you and Your family ..Great post Jason with lovely points……And no7 resonate with me ….I did/do however love Big brother although I am not so much of a TV fan cos I think it’s a terrible way to burn dead time.
    I generally was more interested in peoples personalities on Big Brother . It was great to see how the house mates engaged and the responses they received either from the public or their in-house mates. The good or sad thing is that….. if I am right Big brother will be ending prettying soon maybe next year….

  2. Jason-have a great New Year as I know you will be. And continue to share your wisdom and love of life with others.

  3. Jason Cooper says:

    @Fatima – I have to admit I watched the first two series of Big Brother – just call it an interest in the psychology of different mindsets forced to live with one another. Other than that, I lost interest and the show has gone down the pan since then. I still wonder why I wasted so much of my precious time watching a bunch of human beings who were in it for the fame. I could have learned just as much by watching myself and family.

    @NP – Thanks. I have a lot to learn in regard wisdom, but hopefully with the passing of every year I will get that much closer to touching it.

    Happy New Year to the you both, my friends, and thank you for contributing and supporting me with your inspirational comments this past year!

  4. Jeffrey Luke says:


    Great list. Looking forward to getting more familiar with your blog as I strive to be the person I want to be – always learning and sharing along the way. Impressive work here!

  5. Jason Cooper says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Jeffrey. I hope we can learn much from each other in 2010.

  6. Hulbert says:

    Hi Jason. Very awesome post here. I like your last tip which was to live life simply. I think when we make life too complex or complicated, a whole array of negative emotions tend show up. By being content with what we have so far and living each day as it is, we become more peaceful with ourselves and life becomes happier. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you have a happy new year!

  7. Jason Cooper says:

    Happy new year, Hulbert!

    Hopefully, we can all be a bit more wiser in 2010 so that we can improve our minds and ultimately our lives in general.