Carl Sagan’s Evolving Human Brain Toward Probable Wisdom?

A fascinating and educational talk given by the much celebrated Astronomer, Carl Sagan who discusses how the brain functions and how it has evolved from the natural instincts of reptiles, to the inventive and critical thinking skills of modern Man.

I wonder what the next stage of human evolution will give us?  Wisdom and common sense perhaps?  If only…but there is no reason to wait that long to attain such virtues.

Please enjoy the following fantastic video by Carl Sagan:


  1. Interesting to see Sagan again. He’s had quite an impact on our culture. I live near Cornell, where he did most of his teaching and wrote his books. A close friend of mine was his Girl Friday, keeping track of his notes and research. He’s quite a legend here.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Never heard of Carl Sagan until recently by coming across a few of his videos on YouTube.

    What did capture my attention was Sagan’s seemingly deep understanding of the human psyche in relation to the universe. Sagan seemed a knowledgeable fellow – he also had a unique way of imparting his knowledge oratorically.

    Looking forward to watching Sagan’s classic series, ‘Cosmos’ which I have just downloaded.


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