The Universe Teaches us a Wise Lesson of Humility

I came across an interesting post recently written by Ryhen entitled, ‘Do You Think You Are Special?’, which was on his blog Virtual Synapses.

This particular post has stuck in my mind ever since because of the pictures it contained, which left me speechless.  You can now see for yourselves a video representation of the pictures here.

Warning before watching the following video: For all those people who revel in their self-importance and pettiness, be prepared to have your self-imposed bubble of pretentiousness well and truly burst:

Hopefully you would have all learned a thought-provoking lesson after watching that – I did.  In fact, it taught me a cold hard truth about myself and where my actual place is in this unfathomable Universe.

I felt both truly humbled and vulnerable after seeing our seemingly insignificant planet floating in an infinite black sea of galactic planets and stars.

We as a conceited species often think that we are the most important entity in existence because of our advancements in language, communication, technology, science and medicine.

Man goes as far as thinking he is God (a limited term that he created) because of his mastery of many things (including over each other) on earth and his limited exploits into space.  But in all truth, we are actually insignificant, because despite this sought-after knowledge that we have accumulated over thousand of years, we have yet to solve the modern-day problems that continues to constrict our growth and peaceful co-existence with one another.

After all, our minds are synonymous with the universe, where we all share one universal infinite consciousness which, inexplicably, has been made limited and divisive by knowledge.

We are perhaps fortunate and blessed to have life on such a minuscule planet, especially when compared to the many other planets in our vicinity that have been found not to have any signs of life.

There will come a time when the Universe will have had enough of our folly and decides to erase this lonely ‘Pale Blue Dot’.  Before that happens we must at least realise our true purpose here by expanding our minds like the great vastness of space and use wisdom for the greatest good – which would be as significant as the Cosmos itself.

Also watch Carl Sagan’s fascinating Video ‘Pale Blue Dot’:

Our planet (Yes, OURS) may look like an insignificant dot when viewed from afar in the infinite sea of space, but viewed from the perspective of nature’s workings in providing and sustaining life here, it is truly magnificent – so maybe we are all special in that respect.

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