Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness (Part 3) – Seneca


The dying Seneca

A stoic but dying Seneca, who was sentenced to death by his former pupil, Roman emperor Nero

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Continuing onto the third part of six posts featuring a series of documentaries written and presented by popular British philosopher Alain de Botton.

This 6 part series is an entertaining, practical and psychobabble-free self-help course for the philosophically minded.

Here, de Botton, brings us six thinkers who have influenced history, and their ideas about the pursuit of the happy life. Here we have then:

  • Socrates
  • Epicurus
  • Seneca
  • Michel de Montaigne
  • Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Friedrich Nietzsche

Episode 3 of 6: Seneca on Anger

A look at the subject of anger through the eyes of Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca, the most popular philosopher of his day.

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You may be also interested to know that this particular series was derived from the book The Consolations of Philosophy, which is a very good read, and was part responsible for encouraging me to pursue philosophy so that I could apply it to my life.

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  1. Low expectations and low standards-not a popular outlook in today’s world. But they help to prevent so much fear and rage.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    We are also conditioned to accumulate material goods like squirrels, but instead of them providing us with the happiness we seek, we are instead filled with fear and anxiety of loss.

    Why oh why can’t the world see the truth of living a simple but wise life – we will be so much happier and stress-free in this apparently short and brutal existence.

  3. Yes, the more we own, the more we fear to lose.

  4. Jason Cooper says:

    As I’ve already said in a previous comment, “I don’t think they make coffins as big as houses”