Free Your Mind to See the Nature of the Cage You Were Born Into

Are we nothing but modern-day slaves to the system?

The following short thought-provoking video from Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio website, should wake you up out of your ignorantly blissful life of deception…well, that’s what Molyneux wishes to achieve with this nihilistic feast for the senses.

Molyneux offers us up a metaphor of society as being a huge farm with us being the frightened cattle for those in power (the Farmers) to control and manipulate with the use of fear – which only serves to imprison our minds and direct our motives.

According to Molyneux, we are nothing but livestock who are all too willing to work for our hidden masters who make huge profits off our labour.

Please now watch The Story of Your Enslavement:

If you are indeed awake and able to think for yourself, you may want to consider the following questions:

  • Do you think Stefan is right in thinking human beings are a commodity that is being used for profit by a sinister authority?
  • If yes, what solutions can you offer towards emancipating yourself and others from this manufactured slave trade, which is a by-product of a capitalistic society?


  1. wisdom_unheard says:

    1. Turn off the TV.
    2. Stop living your life consumed by technology. (i.e. being DISTRACTED by social networking, video games, etc) instead of THINKING.
    3. Refuse to eat mass-produced, chemical-ridden food that keeps you sedated and programmed.
    4. Open your mind.
    5. Do NOT poison your mind by listening to mainstream music.
    6. Wake the f*ck up.

    I see and feel it everyday and it really agitates me that folks don’t stand up for their basic human rights and RISE UP against the machine. It’s very hard for me to have any empathy towards “sheep” folks anymore… especially when it’s so clear.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    @Wisdom, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    This so-called ‘Society’ is in a conditioned state of slumber and need to wake up out of this sedation to see that we are all enslaved and manipulated by this system.

    I think you would enjoy a couple of posts I wrote previously on the same precepts you so wisely advocate:

    So refreshing that I’m not alone on this mission impossible of waking people up with what is really going on out there.