Words Of Wisdom: The Simple And Humble Aphorisms Of Marty Rubin

The great American poet Walt Whitman was a shining influence for Marty Rubin, who now produces great wisdom of his own in the form of aphorisms

My like-minded friend, Marty Rubin who is also known as nothingprofound on BlogCatalog, is a man of pure wisdom and creator of thought-provoking aphorisms which are, despite his alias, nothing but profound.

So without further ado, here I shall present you with a select few of Marty’s words of wisdom:

Whenever I do nothing I feel I’ve accomplished a lot.

What variety is to life, contradiction is to the mind.

The flea that doubts doesn’t jump nearly as high.

Water flows because it’s willing.

Looking in the mirror is seeing what other people see.

If it’s work you’re trying too hard.

To hate everything is to be wounded by everything.

The old philosophers knew so little; that’s why they were so wise.

The air lets the arrow pass right through.

In the wind, more leaves tremble than any theory can account for.

If the light’s not in you, you’re in the dark.

Someone told me the world is round, but I’m checking it out for myself.

Please take the time to visit Marty’s blogs Out Of Context: pieces of a life and Aphorism of the Day to sample more of his delightful aphorisms.


  1. Jason, thanks! I’m honored to be featured on your wonderful blog.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    No problem, my friend.

    It’s not often I can get to converse with like-minded people who have some sense of what life should be about.

    I guess everyone else is too busy watching the World Cup – and I’m one of them at the moment hahahahaha

  3. fatima da says:

    Awesome Jason I love NP’s words of wisdom and I am one of his many fans.. I am dashing off to check out his daliy words of wisdom on Blogcatalog.. Thanks for sharing some here 🙂

  4. Jason Cooper says:

    I totally agree with you in regard Marty.

    I look forward to more of his wise aphorisms for many years to come.

  5. Janet says:

    I love his work!

  6. Jason Cooper says:

    I think most people who have come across his aphorisms do…love them that is.

  7. Jake Tankard says:

    Phapfh! Anyone that worldly-wise should have known better to begin to be nothing but profound without buying the proper licence! Why! It’s a case of unlicenced thoughtlessness!