Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: The Wisdom and Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

It is most wise to try to cure the mind during a lifetime, but it’s perhaps even wiser to try to cure the body through healthy eating, otherwise you may not have too much of a lifetime to live.

I personally try to eat healthy by consuming my daily fill of vegetables and fruit, but I also love to devour the odd morsel of meat whenever I get the opportunity.

However, recently I have tried to cut back on meat products, although I would not exactly qualify myself as being a Vegan, and don’t know if I ever will be due to my love affair with a certain bird (For the Missus:  I’m talking about Chicken!).

For those of you who are more serious than me in regards about becoming a vegan (which is your choice and is something that you’re not obliged to do) please read the following informative posts by my friend S. Ali Myers from his blog Soulful Body and Mind where he discusses thoroughly the healthy benefits of eating a vegan diet and how it may help to cure certain diseases.

As Ali writes in the post Vegan Beginner’s Guide:

“In this guide, I will cover what it takes to transition to a vegan lifestyle and how to apply what you learn. Many will resonate towards my way and some will not. The key is to find what works best for you. There is no right or wrong path but if you do not map out a route, then you ARE wrong. Set It, Plan It & Do It …. No excuses!
Doing something that is out of the “norm” or unconventional can be difficult. We live in a fast-food nation. Are you ready to mentally turn off all the advertisements and reasons why you should eat like most Americans? Are you prepared to go to your family cookout and not consume animal flesh? What about the jokes and ridicule that you will be subjected to?

This lifestyle is more mental than it is physical, at first. The people that you call family & friends will be the ones to give you the most grief. In a small moment of weakness, you can fall victim to their endless reasons of why what you are doing is crazy. Even though they may have weight issues or worse, a “disease”, they just think they have all the answers…”

Read the rest of this fact-filled guide here.

As Ali again writes in the post Alkaline Foods List: How to Eat to Help Cure Most Diseases:

“There are two types of foods: acid-forming or alkaline-forming. The differences between the two are like night and day. Or, diseased and not diseased.

Your body is designed for your blood pH balance to be between 7.35-7.45. Too much acid in the blood causes imbalance and eventually, diseases. Whenever you eat something that is incomplete (not wholesome) and acidic, your body has to pull the nutrients out of your body’s minerals to try to neutralize the acidity.

For instance soda, which has one of the lowest pH levels, if consumed, your body will have to use its water to stabilize the acid. Your body is intelligent and will always try to work with whatever you give it. Unfortunately, it can only do this for so long…”

Read the rest of this fact-filled post here.


  1. Jason,

    I am honored. Thank you for relaying this important message to your readers.

    I, like you, do not promote any lifestyle(s) but you can not deny the evidence that support a vegan, alkaline-based diet. I do feel that anyone can strive to improve on their current habits. That is progression!

    Thanks again for the posting this my friend!



  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Hi Ali,

    No problem, my friend. You seem to be a good man who has plenty of benifical knowledge to pass on.

    It was a pleasure to share your advice of eating and living healthily to my readers – hopefully, they would have picked up a few tips which they can apply.