Manly P. Hall’s Lessons of Self-Unfoldment (Part 2): Truth-Seeker’s Lonely Path To Wisdom

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I wish to share with you selected passages from the book ‘Self-unfoldment by Disciplines of Realization’ written by Manly P. Hall.

This book contains many wise lessons and practical instructions on how we can penetrate deep within ourselves so to understand the Truth of who we are, and how we fit into this universal existence.

The ultimate aim is to attain the self-knowledge for us to grow effortlessly towards wisdom and a blessed life.

I am still in the process of reading this fascinating book, and will endeavor to post more enlightening and insightful passages as I go along.

From ‘Chapter 1 – Theory of Disciplines’:


Metaphysical disciplines are not to be regarded as competitive exercises in which one vies with another in the magnitude of his imaginings, or yearns toward some metaphysical aristocracy.  All metaphysical exercises worthy of the name are an unfolding of self into the light of virtue, beauty, and wisdom.

The illustration for this lesson is taken from the Zen school of Chinese art.  It is the “lone traveler,” a solitary monk standing on the edge of a great cliff gazing out into the mist.  Far beyond rise dimly the shadows of high mountains in the ageless contrast to gnarled and broken  trees in the foreground.

Much has been said of the loneliness of wisdom, and how much the Truth seeker becomes a pilgrim wandering from start to star.  To the ignorant, the wise man is lonely because he abides in distant heights of the mind.  But the wise man himself does not feel lonely.  Wisdom brings him nearer to life; closer to the heart of the world than the foolish man can ever be.  Bookishness may lead to loneliness, and scholarship may end in a battle of beliefs, but the wise man gazing off into space sees not an emptiness, but a space full of life, truth, and law.

What can we learn from the previous passage?

One must remain independent of mind to find Truth, and by not allowing any other supposed trustworthy individuals, organisations and political systems to provide all the answers.  In other words, question everything to keep your mind awake and attentive.

This should eventually prompt one to seek the true answers themselves, instead of accepting what is Truth propagated by an authority which we are conditioned to believe dogmatically.

One is indeed alone when questioning popular beliefs, but they will find by removing ignorance in the form of conditioned man-made divisions and falsities they will then develop the insight to see that we are all part of this universal stream of existence – how can one then feel alone once they are aware of all this?

That is the reason why it is so important one conquer fear and show the courage to stand up for truth.  Stand up against these evil maniacal and devious (but also human) forces which try to divide and destroy us!

However, there comes a time when one must be completely alone (not isolated) with themselves so not to be disturbed when the need for total introspection is called for.  This is what I call an important exercise of quiet time to gather one’s thoughts and to observe freely, without distraction, their inner kingdom and its place in the outer world.  This should be done in earnest and with sincerity – that’s if one wants to ever come close to Truth and Wisdom.

The Truth-Seeker’s lonely mission is to:

  • turn off the TV and radio
  • dispose of the newspapers
  • question everything you have been told and taught to be true
  • inquire for yourself to discern what the truth may be – in other words, educate yourselves
  • Seek and gain the practical and beneficial knowledge that can actually help you to become conscious beings, self-reliant, self-determined, pragmatic and wise
  • Look within yourselves for the true answers towards achieving your aims in life – the truth and wisdom is within you to use to your advantage
  • Take responsibility for your own health, income, and general well-being


  1. Great post, jason. The great lesson one learns from being alone is that one is never alone. The earth and the sky are always with us.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Hi NP,

    True words indeed, my friend. I am also learning a huge lesson of wisdom from my son.

    I have been off work for the past two weeks looking after my son most of the time…the bonds are strengthening and it never fails to amaze me how much my 21 month old boy teaches me by me just observing his inquisitive and imaginative ways. Bless him.

  3. chris says:

    i love it , great job and indeed this is very true, ive been alone for months researching countless esoteric knowledge, that cannot but taught but indeed need to be expeinced, but it is true, it is a sad state that the darker side of duallity has its hold on humanity at this present time, wich makes the path so much harder to follow towrds the light,wisdom and conciousness of the of the all. but i know all return back to the source and time because we of the all and all is us, and i can sleep good at night knowing that

  4. Jason Cooper says:

    Hi Chris,

    Wonderful insight from you regarding the Lonely path to wisdom.

    As you say, the world is presently on a dark path of ignorance which makes it ever so harder for the individual not to be carried away with the rest of the flock of sheep.

    Courage and independence must prevail for one to walk their own path, and also not to be distracted by society’s methods of entertainment.

  5. chris says:

    @Jason Cooper And so it is brother , i have tried to enlighten my freinds, but this is freewill and i understand now so much more then a couple of months ago and thankfull to everyone who have set there resources out on the net for others alike to find, and to come of great enlightenment