Society Must Become The Sunlight Of Reason To Eliminate Institutional Violence

Here’s Stefan Molyneux again with another thought-provoking video which shines the light of truth on the apparent use of violence (or more-so making threats against our welfare and human rights) by those in power to maintain the status-quo, whilst at the same time stealing our income (through tax) and liberty (if we do not comply to their demands).


  1. Very provocative. It’s amazing how many people do not believe in the efficacy of peaceful means. They consider it quixotic and impractical.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Hi NP,

    That is why state violence is institutionalised.

    Ever since childhood we have been subjected to conditioning and indoctrination to make us obedient to authority which at the same time makes us ignorant to the injustices committed by this self-same power.

    So it’s no wonder why people seem to think that dominating and threatening the use of violence against another individual or group of people is a practical way towards achieving one’s goals.

    So one must endeavor to liberate their mind to see the real truth behind the illusion of the society man has built to keep us in line.