Sanderson Beck Email Response

Carrying on from my last post ‘Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck’, I sent Sanderson the following email:

Dear Sanderson,

I just wanted to show my appreciation for the effort, work and knowledge you have put on your website Literary works of Sanderson Beck (so much so, that I have included a link to your site on a list of important sources of wisdom on my blog

As such I have posted a small post on my blog in regard your beneficial knowledge and noble efforts towards peace which will hopefully bring you more recognition that you deserve.

My website deals with the same subject matter of trying to liberate people’s minds toward seeking truth and cultivating wisdom within so to live a more joyful and peaceful existence.

I’m just glad to know there are still a few of us truth-seekers left who can try to awaken the rest of the apparent brainwashed and misguided sheep out there with the ancient knowledge, wisdom and the real truth of what is really going on in the world.

If we are to have peace in the world we must all dispel the darkness of ignorance with wisdom and common sense. Unfortunately, ignorance is something that pervades the world at present, so the knowledge you share is most important for everyone learn, and especially the next generation.

You can read the post here:

Please feel free to leave a comment on my blog, and please carry on the great work because we need more people like to help us all understand ourselves so that we can change this world for the better.

With much appreciation and respect,

Jason Cooper

Being the gentlemen that Sanderson is he responded with the following email:

Dear Jason,
I do not have a copy of what I wrote and submitted as a comment on your blog. So this time I will write in an email to keep a copy.
Thank you for your kind words about me. We have sold very few books so far, but the website is well used. In September the average number of hits per day was over 14,000, and the average number of visits per day was over 3,000. The visits used to be more than 5,000 per day before my website was down for several weeks in about 2008. I am grateful for any corrections or suggestions.
I am considering running for President again to offer policies in harmony with the teachings of the Christ and other sages, but I have little money. I am opposed to paying income tax to the US Government to support its wars, and so I keep my income below the poverty line. I work full-time on my writing and am not paid anything for it.
Once again thank you for your efforts to promote my work.
Love and Light,
Sanderson Beck

Thanks once again Sanderson, and all the best with your future endeavors.


  1. mr blobby says:

    Not many (monthly) Google searches for Sanderson Beck… however, his website has a LOT of pages with a ranking of 5. I’d say he knows EXACTLY what he is doing with his website?

  2. mr blobby says:

    Sanderson Beck: “I am opposed to paying income tax to the US Government to support its wars, and so I keep my income below the poverty line.”

    Naive? We ONLY get taxed on our banking, right? This being the case, he can recieve (tax free) donations for his books. Or, he can accept PRIVATE currency… such as gold or silver. To say he needs to keep his income below the poverty line, is either BS or a mindset of, scarcity?

  3. Jason Cooper says:


    Page rank is not as important these days (it’s suppose to help with your site’s google search listings, but cannot be sure if this is the case or not) – also does not equate to how many visitors you will get to your site. In fact, my page rank has dropped by one recently (it has also happened to a number of other sites) for some strange reason other than Google tinkering again. This, however, has not affected the number of visitors to this site.

    Good SEO techniques as well as quality inbound links is perhaps more of a benefit, but who knows what Google’s algorithms care about?

    As you are finding Mr Blobby, gaining a page rank these days is rather difficult, as opposed to back in the day – Sanderson’s site is quite established (it has been around for more than 5 years) so I’m not surprised with its page rank. But I was more focussing on the general design of his site instead – I feel there is too much information on the homepage, where one needs to scroll down many pages (this could put off many visitors before they get to the juicy parts). Also, the links and pages for his online books could be better structured. Sanderson could instead have a menu system and also make his books available for download in pdf format, which would make navigation and reading so much easier.

    But as was mentioned by Sanderson, he has little time and money to perhaps entertain the thought of updating the site himself or hire a Web Designer to do it for him. Nontheless, this takes nothing away from his magnificent work and noble efforts towards achieving world peace and imparting wisdom.

    As for Sanderson choosing to “keep his income below the poverty line”; as Bobby Brown will no doubt say: “It’s my perogative!”

    Nothing “BS” or one having “a mindset of, scarcity” about that.

  4. mr blobby says:

    Fair enough. The main point being made, is that he (Beck) doesn’t need to keep his income below the poverty line… to avoid paying government fees (taxes). Many types of income are non-taxable events.

    If he is living below the poverty line for ‘moral purposes’, may I suggest that his actions (if not his intentions) are misguided?

    Also (and I am not certain of this), it is my understanding that Income Tax is NOT used for warfare. Corporation tax is used to fund wars. Income tax is used for paying off the (alleged) Public Debt. Again, you would need to do your own ‘due dilligence’ to determine if this is in fact, true?

  5. Jason Cooper says:

    Please read the following from the company who sells his books via his site:

    “To make donations to World Peace Communications, a non-profit corporation, add Donation and adjust the quantity to the amount you wish to donate. Thank you.”

    I’m assuming that he does not need to pay tax on any donations and income that he may receive from the sale of his books because of his organisation’s status of being non-profit one?

    I hope that resolves any concerns you may have regarding Sanderson’s motives.

    Other than that, it is entirely up to him if he wishes keep his income below the poverty line (two thirds of the planet’s population don’t have a choice), which may come down to his own belief in civil disobediance – in some people’s eyes the poverty line would be more than enough to live on (call it a form of asceticism).

    As far as I know, he has been kindly provided with very cheap accomodation, and because of this, he is able to write and maintain his own principles, no matter how naive or misguided (if that is indeed the case).

    I suggest you read (link provided below) more about him, his non-violent activism and his works: