Beware The Manipulative Power Of Television

If you can manage to excuse the funny looking guy wearing a balaclava and shades in the videos featured in this post, ‘TheAntiTerrorist’ (as he likes to call himself) offers up some interesting and alternative observations that provokes us to rethink everything we have been led to believe by those in power.

‘TheAntiTerrorist’ especially encourages us to be mindful of the seemingly mind control tool called “The Television” – something which he believes is used by “Big Brother” to imprison and manipulate our minds.

So the question we should now all ask ourselves is: “Is it called ‘television programming’ for a reason?”

Conspiracy theory?  Perhaps.  But try not to automatically dismiss his views, because again, I implore you to open your mind, to do your own research, and see for yourself the psychological effects that watching TV does to your own mind and your family members.

Pay particular attention to what ‘TheAntiTerrorist’ says about the negative effects of TV on the brain activity of a child.  I myself have observed these addictive effects on my little boy, although I’m not too certain that the television has everything to do with his hyper behavior at times.  Maybe he’s just a naturally active lad.

In any case, I think that might spell the end of my boy’s Cbeebies viewing for a while – although admittedly, I would probably be the one to miss it more than he will.

Now watch the following videos “TheAntiTerrorist on The Devil’s Eye”:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Please also read the post “Television is Dead!” According to a Former TV Addict, which touches on the same subject regarding the negative effects of watching too much TV, and what benefits we could achieve to help improve our lives by us switching off that meaningless screen.


  1. I haven’t watch TV in over 25 years. I don’t need any of that rubbish in my head.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    You must be one of a very small minority in the world who does not watch TV – and for 25 years for all that! Great job!