The Healthy Wisdom Of A Wisekick Electronic Cigarette

We as human beings can suffer from many types of vices – some worse than others.  However, these so-called vices can be most destructive at the best of times, this is what, unfortunately, makes us human.  All we can hope to do is to attempt to eliminate as many of these maladies as possible.

Smoking is one such vice, but fortunately for you enslaved souls who continue to subject your poor bodies to the addictive effects of inhaling the silent assassin called a “cigarette”, there is a more than wise alternative of which your flesh and mind will be thankful for.

A friend of mine has a site called Wisekick, which provides an ingenious but lifesaving device to those (or anyone you know that smokes) who cannot quit this expensive (in more ways than one) habit:

How it Works

The cigarette
The Wisekick Electronic cigarette, with its market leading two piece design, could not be easier to operate.

Take off the two protective rubber caps from your cartridge and screw it on to the fully charged battery unit. It is now ready to use.

There is no on/off switch; the device is activated by airflow. When suction is applied to the cartridge end of your Wisekick; a sensor detects the airflow and activates the vapouriser and illuminates the led (tip). The vapouriser then injects a small amount of the nicotine solution into the flowing air and creates a fine mist that is inhaled by the user. The solution also contains the flavouring and propylene glycol (a safe food additive that produces the vapour).[…]

Also, I will let the benefits of using a Wisekick Electronic cigarette speak for itself:

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of using Wisekick as an alternative to tobacco products

Health Benefits

* No Carcinogens
* No Tar
* No Carbon Monoxide
* No Second-hand Smoke.
* None of the other 4000+ chemicals produced from burning tobacco
* Feel fitter
* Tobacco Smokers have a 50% chance of dying from smoking related diseases.

Social Benefits

* Light up anywhere, no need to miss the fun while you sneak off for a crafty drag.
* It is perfectly legal to use Wisekick anywhere.
* No Social Stigma, no more dirty looks from friends and family for blowing second hand smoke their way.
* No Bad Breath or Smells
* No Messy Ash.

Financial Benefits

* Save up to 80% on what you spend on Tobacco Products.
* If you smoke one pack a day and switch exclusively to Wisekick you can make savings of £1,700 per year.
* Use Wisekick as an alternative only half of the time and save an average of £70.00 per month.
* No Tobacco Tax
* Cheaper life insurance, smoke Wisekick and honestly call yourself a Non Smoker.
* Not forgetting the millions of pounds the NHS can save

So what are you waiting for? Please visit Wisekick Electronic Cigarettes and start reaping the benefits towards a more healthy and improved you.

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