The Japan Disaster Proves That We Are Nothing But Straw Dogs

With the current overload of media coverage on the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan, have we not forgotten that we are at the very whim of nature’s changing mood?

What is happening in Japan with the tragic loss of life, possessions and obvious suffering is most sad, but we must keep it all in perspective.

We must try to remain rational and not be too grief stricken as I implore you to look at the bigger picture of life and events on this vulnerable planet.

What can we do as human beings regarding nature’s necessary act of cleansing it’s body (Earth) from time to time?

Try not to be too emotive when answering the previous question. In reality, there is nothing we can do despite our mastery of technology, and it is most ironic that nature came calling with a vengeance in the most technological country on earth.

We are nothing compared to nature’s indiscriminate power and we must understand that it acts for neither good nor evil. Do we not build homes and create vast societies upon its precarious land?

Unfortunately, it seems the gods of nature purposely conspire against us by failing to warn us to get out of the way when they decide to instigate their devastating plans, as the following quote seem to intimate,

“Heaven and earth are ruthless, Trampling the myriad creatures like straw dogs.”

~ Lao Tzu

But what we all should be aware of is that there are still many more man-made disasters happening around the world at this very minute.

There seem to be perpetual wars around the globe which slaughters innocent human beings daily, whilst another bunch of human beings participate in these conflicts for profit or power.

There are human beings starving to death, whilst other human beings sit in their ivory towers getting fat off the land.

There are human beings living in poverty and privation, whilst other human beings who rule these unfortunate souls continue to strangle them by raising taxes.

What does this teach us?

We can do nothing to stop nature’s necessities as it also sustain us with life, but we can stop our own evil actions against one another by cleansing our own consciousness.  The very same cleansing process which nature does to wipe away the burdens of yesterday.

This burden of consciousness can be blamed on the negative conditioning of the mind instigated by man.

But alas! We will not look at ourselves whilst pointing an accusing finger at nature or the gods. We will forever continue to blame nature for all our misfortunes, but that is an ignorant attitude to have.

We must learn to accept all of what nature gives to us which is not in our power.

The only thing in our power is the opportunity to provide peace, unity and justice for all.

No more wars. No more poverty. No more starvation. No more greed for wealth and power over others.

All this is in our power, that’s if we choose to look within oneself and change our daily conduct for the betterment of the whole.

Although I cannot promise that there will be no more death, especially by the hands of nature, we can at least face the inevitable with reason, wisdom and equanimity.

Nature is a great teacher indeed.


  1. Jason-I’m always saddened by these events, because I love life and hate to see so many precious lives laid waste. But as you say these disasters are out of our control, and we are eternally at the mercy of nature’s whims. Whereas the destruction we inflict upon ourselves through our greed, arrogance, and lack of compassion is preventable if only we would make the smallest effort to examine ourselves and take responsibility for our actions. But nowhere do I see people making this effort, only the same old politics of hate and fear.

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    Hi NP,

    I fear if we don’t stop being ignorant regarding our own destructive actions, and soon, I think nature is the last thing we should be worrying about in relation to this planet’s survival in the near future.