Fukushima Warning: End Nuclear Proliferation Or End All Life On Earth

In the following pertinent article regarding the present Fukushima nuclear disaster, Stephen Lendman makes an impassioned plea for governments, and most importantly, policy makers to see the error of their ways and to impose nuclear non-proliferation immediately, so to avoid the very real threat of the extinction of the human species as we know it.

I now ask these supposed leaders of reason to make a choice: Political power and profit, or survival of the species? Wisdom and common sense should dictate to man which is the more imperative – but will he choose to listen to them?

As Lendman writes:

Moreover, since 2000, “the global wild fish harvest has begun a sharp decline despite (new) technologies and intensified fishing.” (If) the maelstrom of human assault on the seas continues, (they’ll soon) reach a point of no return.”

Fukushima accelerated the process, besides lots of other contributors daily because governments powerful enough to stop it let it to continue unabated.

Rosalie Bertell (now in her 80s) is a longtime distinguished environmental/nuclear expert. Two of her important books include “No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth” (1985) and “Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War (2000).”

In “Planet Earth,” she discussed how the space program and electromagnetic weapons destabilized the ecosystem, causing widespread environmental, economic and social devastation. In “No Immediate Danger,” she exposed the dangers of radiation, saying:

“Should the public discover the true health cost(s) of nuclear pollution, a cry would rise from all parts of the world and people would refuse to cooperate passively with their own death.”

“On a clear day, the Earth looks wonderful,” she said, so it’s “hard to believe the warnings that we have seriously compromised its health,” en route to destroying it entirely. The dangers from unbridled militarism alone are doing it, compounded by the madness of sacrificing environmental safety for profit.

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