Buddha’s Ten Steps Of Wisdom Towards Spiritual Zen

The following ten steps towards Spiritual Zen was taken from the Manly P. Hall lecture ‘Spirit of Zen’.

Each experience proves itself as we progress so that at no time are we required to accept any belief or idea that we’ve not already discovered to be true, thus we actually lead and guide ourselves.

All we require is sincerity and a little courage, and these will become stronger as we experience their benefits.

Our discovery of the practical values of Zen unfolds according to a pattern of ten steps:

Step 1: (is) the experience of the pressing need for greater understanding than we now possess.

Step 2: (is) the experience that it is possible for us to attain to any degree of insight necessary for own internal security.

Step 3: (is) the experience that inner peace can be attained only through the proper control of our thoughts and emotions.

Step 4: (is) the experience that there can be no advancement of character without self discipline.

Step 5: (is) the experience that by self-discipline the mental, emotional and physical life can be brought under the control of enlightened purpose.

Step 6: (is) the experience that control over thought and emotion can be obtained without stress or tension of any kind.

Step 7: (is) the experience that proper control makes possible the condition of complete inner quietude by gradually reducing the power of external factors that disturb the inner life.

Step 8: (is) the experience that through quietude it is possible to become receptive to all the beauty and wisdom in the universe.

Step 9: (is) the experience that we exist eternally in space and that true happiness and peace of soul result from complete acceptance of the universal plan and its laws.

Step 10: (is) the experience that pure consciousness beyond and superior to self-will and self-purpose leads to atonement with nameless reality.

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