Thought-Provoking Documentaries: The Evilness of Power

I now present for you a very well made documentary which examines the effects of power and hierarchy on individuals, society, and the world at large. Produced by Jonathan Shockley.

This independent film splices together various powerful clips and interviews from leading liberal intellectuals (such as Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn), that aims to make us aware of the modern day slavery instigated by those in power with the manipulative and profitable (in more ways than one) use of the following:

  • Education – we are indoctrinated with selected information that aims to condition us to fit into the system/society.  This, obviously, does not encourage us to educate ourselves with the knowledge that allows us to live for our own benefit – free from the grasps of those who wish to control us
  • Employment – the need to work long hours to pay bills and consume whilst paying involuntary tax
  • Consumerism – the reason why we work so that we can buy useless things that we do not need (we’re not going to take any material thing with us once we leave this life)
  • Media/News – There’s only one word that comes to mind – “Propaganda!”  They only tell us what they want us to know.  The rest of the MIS-information is probably not true and perhaps only serves their purposes of mind and emotional control of the masses
  • Entertainment – convenient use of the television programming to distract and manipulate through encouraging the worship of celebrity lifestyles and the jingoistic support of some sporting event or group (e.g. team sports); all this whilst not focusing on the serious issues that actually effect our lives
  • Emotional & Mental Dependency – the people or group we acknowledge as being an authority (those that hold the power over our minds) give our lives meaning (so we think), as we have neither the time nor the inclination to independently educate or think for ourselves, and to find our true purpose in life)

All this serves is to make those in power (governments, organised religions, educational system, the media and corporate organisations) more powerful and richer than they already are.  Unfortunately, the aggrandisement of these superficial ends only fuels the need for these psychopaths to rule over us paupers even more tyrannically.

How do we liberate ourselves individually and collectively from these manipulative and psychopathic machinations, so that we can live with the sort of autonomy that encourages our own healthy spiritual, mental and social growth?

Will dissenting voices through peaceful means be enough or will it take a more direct (perhaps violent) but constructive type of anarchy to empower, and then eventually free, ourselves?

This fantastic film attempts to answer the aforementioned questions.

As Jonathan says about the reason for making this documentary:

“My motivations for creating The Evilness of Power are varied. I wanted to clarify the ideas and channel the strong emotions I’d been internalizing since I became an activist in 2004 and which I had been sketchily trying to articulate in my youtube channel since late 2006. I also realized that there weren’t that many documentaries dealing exclusively with the concept of hierarchy–perhaps none at all–.

I noticed how relatively easy and effective it would be to weave together some of my youtube videos with parts of programs, films, documentaries etc to offer a more comprehensive examination of hierarchy and hopefully contribute to revolutionary change.”


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