For World Peace and Justice: Vote for Sanderson Beck for US President

Sanderson Beck and his books have already featured on this blog before, so for those new visitors who have no idea who this noble, wise and knowledgeable man is, please read the post ‘Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck’ .

As the title of this post suggests, Beck has chosen to run for President of the United States once again (he did so in 2003) due to the present state of his country and the world in general.

The United States are currently involved in violent conflicts in the Middle-East along with, perhaps, more pressing issues close to home such as the small matters of :

  • economic meltdown
  • rising unemployment
  • deteriorating health and welfare services
  • social unrest due to widening gap between rich and poor

Obviously, with the above list of problems, there is no better time than now for a drastic change in leadership and policy.

Unfortunately, America’s self-inflicted problems only serves as a knock on effect throughout the world as they have, perhaps arrogantly, promoted themselves as the planet’s police whilst intimating that they are the supposed shining example of peace, justice and progressive democracy.

Excuse me for a minute as I try not to laugh (or more like cry) at that previous statement.  Why?  Well, the opposite of what was just said regarding America’s role in the world is, regrettably, the real truth.

As many would-be observers have no doubt witnessed, the US have continuously abused their military power for profit and their selfish interests overseas, as well as their lack of fairness and justice amongst their own citizens as they continue to neglect the problems of financial inequality, an under-funded health care system, and a dumbed down educational system.

The imperative question that now should be asked, is: If America are disingenuous in their motives and ambitions for world democracy and the protection of the oppressed, who else can we turn to to provide wise and just leadership that will be a shining beacon of light towards world unity, peace and prosperity?

Well, Sanderson Beck is hoping to be the one to provide the correct answer to the above question.  As Beck states regarding the reason he is running for President,

I am deeply concerned that the United States is facing a serious crisis. I believe we need more progressive policies than the centrist compromises of Barack Obama in order to restructure the economy, stop and prevent wars, establish Medicare for all, negotiate universal disarmament, greatly reduce military spending, and apply green polices to prevent global warming and pollution.

I intend to educate people by explaining how we can lead the world into a golden age of peace, justice, and prosperity, not just for US but for everyone in the world. I aim to apply the wise teachings of the Christ, Buddha, Socrates, Lao-zi, Confucius, and other sages to politics to make the world a better place. I hope to awaken “Christians” who have been led astray by hypocrites supporting wars and the uncharitable policies of right-wing politicians that are contrary to what Jesus taught.


How You Can Help Sanderson Beck’s Presidential Campaign

I am asking you to support my educational candidacy so that together we can raise awareness on issues of peace and justice. By supporting a “protest” candidate we can show that we want leaders who will serve the common good of all rather than wealthy contributors. By working together I believe that we can transform our militaristic and violent society into a peaceful and just world community.

Current federal election law requires a candidate to raise $5,000 in each of twenty different states from contributions up to $250 per person in order to qualify for a matching amount of money from the U. S. Government. I am asking for contributions for my campaign so that I can travel to Iowa, New Hampshire, and other primary states, pay the expenses of volunteers, and print campaign materials. If we find someone better to run with policies as good as mine, I will support that candidate. I am running as a progressive Democrat because no other progressive is challenging President Obama so far. If you would like to support this educational candidacy, please contact us and tell us how you would like to help. Thank you.

~ Sanderson Beck


Obviously, this will more apply to people who actually live in the US, but this should not rule out the rest of us who wants to see a change for the better in world affairs.

Realistically, it will be very difficult for Beck who must go up against candidates with limitless amount of financial resources and media coverage, but this is not a reason to be pessimistic enough to give up hope in ever seeing a progressive world under wise American leadership, so please support Sanderson Beck in any way you can.

Please visit Sanderson Beck’s Presidential Campaign page:

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