The Ten Wise Commandments of Moderation For Christmas and Beyond

As much as I love the Christmas period with all the food and drink you can consume, as well as spending quality time with loved ones, there are times when it can all become a stress-filled, conflict-ridden and decadent exercise which can do more harm than good to one’s mind, body and spirit.

Everyone, I guess, is entitled to self-indulge (within reason, mind) at least once a year, but we must be careful not to enter the new year carrying too much weight, anxiety and damaged relationships.

Christmas should be a time to reinvigorate ourselves and to reconnect with friends and family who we have, directly or indirectly, long since neglected.

Surely, we’re not too busy for the important things in life?

Just to let you know that I don’t belong to any religious faith whatsoever, but felt the need to propose the following ten commandments (with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure) of my own for you to adopt towards having a happy Christmas of moderation.  So no belief in God or morality are required.

These precepts or maxims may or may not  help you to negotiate life more wisely, as well as put you in very good stead for the coming New Year and beyond.  Just remember to have fun along the way.

The Ten Commandments of Moderation

  1. You shall have no other Gods but yourself in this life. And the Lord said: “Moderate any external search for truth and god, because you will not find these things by blindly following another or any supposed authority on the matter.”  Self-knowledge is the key towards connecting with that divine wisdom within, as we are all interconnected with each other, nature and the universe.  This is what we call ‘One Consciousness’ – that’s if you believe in all that New Age crap (I’m guilty as charged).
  2. You shall not treat money and possessions as any idol, nor bow down to them or worship them. And the Lord said: “Money and possessions does not make Man.  Man makes money and possessions.”  Worshipping these superficial and insignificant things will only breed the deadly sins of greed, envy and vice.   So please remember that you can’t take them with you once you pop your clogs to meet your true maker.
  3. You shall not misuse the spending of money. As the Lord said: “You must learn to manage money and not let money manage you.”  Moderate your spending and be sure to live frugally.  If you are wise enough to achieve this, you will live forever with peace of mind due to not having the burden of debt chained around your very neck.
  4. You shall remember and keep the Christmas period holy. And the Lord said: “Peace and love should be the vocation of every man, woman and child.”  Which means moderate your behavior by setting a good example during the Christmas by not fighting over the TV remote, swearing, getting drunk, etc..  Only love, kindness and happiness at this particular time.  So you can go back to hating the world with a vengence after a couple of days at least.
  5. Respect your father, mother, brother, sister…in fact, everyone. And the Lord said: “Love and respect everyone as you would love and respect yourself.”  And yes, that includes, unfortunately, your noisy and obnoxious neighbour that you have hated for the past year – sorry.
  6. You must not kill time by just texting, watching TV, facebooking, smartphoning and anything else which disconnects you from yourself, nature and actual human contact. And the Lord said: “Moderate your use of technology, otherwise you will become the isolated and lifeless machines that you love to spend so much time with.”  Technology has its uses but we must be careful not to forget what we truly are and what actually sustains us.  We are mostly gregarious beings who belong to the stream of life, to which nature provides the foundation.  Why not use the time to instead: read enlightening books; participate in frank and insightful discussions with other like-minded human beings; find some much needed solitude for some silent introspection so to understand yourself more and to discover your true purpose for being here.
  7. You must not commit adultery. And the Lord said: “You must become master of yourself so to moderate and restrain any sexual desires that can lead you into vice.”  No more needs to be said about this subject, just don’t get caught if you really wish to indulge in this troublesome practice – only God will know, but who cares these days, right?
  8. You must not eat and drink to excess. And the Lord said: “Gluttony will get you nothing but a fat belly and dulled senses.”  Christmas is a great time to store up the winter’s fat, but you must be careful to moderate what you eat and drink so that you can enter the New Year in fighting trim…or at least not looking like Mr Blobby.
  9. You must stick to your new year resolution to improve every facet of yourself. And the Lord said: “Cultivate your spirit towards moderation, your mind towards wisdom, and your body towards health.”  Self-improvement may seem a futile thing in this all too short life, but what else can we hope to achieve?  For the coming New Year, why not at least pursue to improve yourself in mind, body and spirit.  Eat healthily.  Be more active physically.  Learn to be more contented.  Live more simply.  Live within your means.  Attain peace of mind.  Achieving all these will help bring you ever more closer to what they call happiness – just try to avoid the other 99% of bullshit that can make your life a misery.
  10. You must have a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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