2012 – End of the World or the End of Ignorance?

I thought it apt to enter the New Year with the following insightful quote, which all depends on what path our consciousness and actions takes us.

This not only relates to the ending of the Mayan Calendar, but also highlights the apparently huge but difficult challenges that awaits the world in 2012.

Hopefully we can become wise enough in time, which will enable us to choose the true, righteous and peaceful path.

It appears we are soon heading towards something wonderful and very significant during this critical time for humanity. This is not something to fear but to fully embrace and rise to the challenge within our hearts and souls. We have an opportunity to raise the conscious vibration of humanity as a whole to a new high. There are no spiritual chosen ones picked by some elite- it is completely up to us. We can be a chosen one by preparing ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The choice is fully our own- if we are willing to heal and forego that within which prevents us from being in harmony and oneness with each other, the universe and the Divine.

We Americans, in particular, have been lulled into a dreamlike state, believing since the late 1940’s that the opulent lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to could be maintained indefinitely with no detrimental effects to the planet or our souls. The day of reckoning is near. It’s time to either voluntarily awaken from the dream and change, or be abruptly and swiftly awakened possibly too late.

We have accomplished great things through our technology, but due to its misuse and overuse we have nearly destroyed life on this planet. The Earth will survive, but we may not, at least in the physical dimension. Our technological means has exceeded our spiritual awareness and understanding, for example, with nuclear bombs, genetic engineering and time traveling. It is time that we begin to shift back to using our consciousness and energy field (that which is within us) to create and accomplish what we need vs. being dependent on technology (things outside of ourselves). In dimensions beyond this physical dimension, all we take with us is our essence: our divine spirit essence (beingness) and our soul, including our consciousness and its energy field. It may be time for us to begin developing these inner abilities now!


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