Knowledge Reform: Best of 2011

Happy New Year one and all!  Yes, I know it’s a bit late but I’ll say it anyway.  Hopefully you all had a good Pagan (or whatever you want to call Christmas) break and are now fully reinvigorated for the year ahead.

But don’t leave 2011 just yet, as I have decided to put together this recap of what I consider to be the best posts of last year on Knowledge Reform – one for every month.

The Most Popular Posts in 2011

As it’s not really up to me to say which are the best posts of 2011 (I’m a modest sort of chap – well, sometimes), I consider the following 12  posts as being my personal favourites:

Jan: The Truth About News: 2 Fair and Balanced News Programs To Watch

Feb: The Top Ten Unknown African-American Inventors In History

Mar: The Japan Disaster Proves That We Are Nothing But Straw Dogs

Apr: Fukushima Warning: End Nuclear Proliferation Or End All Life On Earth

May: Are We Insane Enough To Destroy Nature Along With Humanity Itself?

Jun: Practice & Apply the Wise Old Art of Alchemy From Within

Jul: Buddha’s Ten Steps Of Wisdom Towards Spiritual Zen

Aug: Educational Lectures: Ancient Technology by Jason Martell

Sept: Spend Time With Your Kids and Not Just Your Money

Oct: Ancient Egyptian Wisdom: Egypt – Source of All Knowledge and Wisdom?

Nov: Bertrand Russell Asks: Can Wisdom Be Taught The Same Way As Knowledge?

Dec: The Ten Wise Commandments of Moderation For Christmas and Beyond

Those Picks That Missed The Cut

Here are some more of my favorites from the past year:

Alain de Botton Suggests That A Nanny State Maybe Good For Us After All

The Wisdom Of Silent Introspection In A World Full Of Opinion

Pythagoras: The Father of Philosophy

Book Review: Wisdom Bible by Sanderson Beck

Wise, Witty and Humerous Parables of The Ancient Greek Philosophers

Aristotle’s Practical Wisdom Towards Living Virtuously

The KR Archives

If the above posts aren’t enough to satiate your KR appetite, I highly recommend browsing through our archives and finding something that may take your fancy.

KR’s Recommended Wisdom Books

Please also visit our Wisdom Books page which contains recommended books to purchase as well as free E-books for download.

A Thank You to Knowledge Reform Readers

It’s already coming up to three years since I started this blog, so just want to say a big thank you to those who have visited in that time.

If my busy schedule allows it, I will continue to share my own thoughts from time to time as well as post the odd e-book, article and video.  Hopefully, my posts will continue to re-educate you with the knowledge and wisdom to make a difference to both yourself and others in life.

What are your favorite Knowledge Reform articles from the past year? (Or of all time?) Your feedback is always welcome and helps us improve the site.

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