The Wisdom of Consuming Healthy Nutrition For The Mind

I’d like to share with you the wisdom of existentialist Glen Campbell, who discusses in one of his many philosophy essays the fundamentals of mental nutrition.

In the aforementioned enlightening essay, Campbell reveals the potential dangers for the mind which consumes too much “junk information” instead of gaining the beneficial qualities from consuming “real information”, which as Campbell metaphorically states, is very much the same as bodily consumption of either “junk food” or “real food”.

I have already written about the population being bombarded with vast amounts of information on a daily basis, which is the bane of the modern technological age.  This information overload, which not only distracts us from getting the real truth, but can also cause our minds to become addictive for mindless entertainment, is also described in part by Campbell’s exposé of the modern purveyors of this knowledge (no matter how useless or manipulating) in the form of the television, the media and the Internet.

However, Campbell does advise us not to overload our minds with superfluous knowledge, even if it is deemed to be “real information”.  Campbell, instead, encourages us to moderate our consumption, if not postpone it all together, so that our minds have the time and space to think about what we have just digested, which will hopefully allow us to understand and learn something of worth.

Please read Glen Campbell’s essay ‘The Fundamentals of Mental Nutrition’ below:

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