Enlightening Talks: Is the Pursuit of Happiness Making Us Miserable? – Petrea King

After hearing the beautiful piece of wisdom in the video below, what more can be said on the apparently futile pursuit of happiness?

Petrea King, founder and CEO of The Quest for Life Foundation, argues the pursuit of happiness is making us all miserable. “Happiness is found in the present moment,” she says. “That’s where life is, love is.


The pursuit of happiness is one of the unalienable rights enshrined in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. But is our relentless striving to feel good no matter what actually making us miserable? Would we be better to accept that life comes with good times and bad, and make peace with that?

This IQ2 debate, held in Sydney in March 2010, pits those who believe that happiness is a worthwhile goal that can be found in pleasures material and social, against those who hold that people should abandon unrealistic goals and seek quiet comfort within. – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Petrea King is the Founding Director and CEO of the Quest for Life Foundation and practices as a counsellor, inspirational speaker and workshop leader in the field of holistic health. She is the author of several books including Quest for Life and Your Life Matters.


  1. blobby says:

    I agree 100%. Happiness can only exist in the moment. The pursuit of happiness is an illusion. In any case, words are far too limited to describe the complexity of emotions…

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi Blobby and Knowledge Reform; nice work on all the work you’ve put into this blog.
    A lot of useful article posts.
    I also do agree with the video. This life now is all that there is. Now is all that matters. We have to live and enjoy the “present”

    God bless

  3. Jason, I’ll add my voice to the chorus. “Forever is composed of nows.”