How Many Lifetimes Does It Take For One To Attain Self-Knowledge?

How Many Lifetimes Does It Take For One To Attain Self-Knowledge?

The following quote from the Chinese sage Lao Tzu is apt when trying to answer this question:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Don’t worry about how long it takes, just start examining and learning about yourself now. As Lao Tzu’s wise words intimate, this lifetime should be a marathon and not a sprint and the only thing that matters is to endeavour to take that first step towards self-knowledge.

Once you take that step, the ignorance you once had should begin to dissipate and reveal a true path towards understanding, knowledge and wisdom. As you start to perceive this wondrous path you will then become encouraged to take another enlightening step, and then another, until it becomes instinctive to the point that you are won’t even be aware of how many steps you have already taken.  Contentment and equanimity reached.

I will leave you by saying that self-knowledge should accompany you on your journey of life and will be of immense benefit and joy to you no matter how many lifetimes you may or may not hope to negotiate.


  1. Man says:

    Self knowledge in one lifetime should be our aim. If we don’t let our self get too distracted by habits & events that limit our growth, I believe it is possible.

    The beings who come closest to attaining this, we call gurus 🙂

  2. J Cooper says:

    I agree, that’s why I said to start learning about yourself NOW – and who’s to say that you will ever get another lifetime after this one.

    This could be your first and only lifetime so don’t waste it. An apt quote comes to mind when discussing this subject:

    “Live each day as if it were your last.” ~ Marcus Aurelius