Enlightening Articles: How To Be Free and Conscious in A Society of Enslavement and Fear

Hello, my name is Winston Wu.
I’d like to share a recent article with you. It conveys important liberating truths and lessons I’ve learned from years of research into alternative ideas and spiritual teachings by many truth seekers. I hope you will find some value in it. If you are new to alternative ideas, please meditate on these concepts and see if any of it makes sense to you after a while. If you like it, please share it with others. Thanks.

Here is an excerpt from the article ‘How To Be Free and Conscious in A Society of Enslavement and Fear’:

Have you ever realized how enslaving and oppressive the world is, when you look at it from a higher perspective? It seems like a prison matrix full of sheep, zombies, robotic slaves, bums, criminals, and oppressors, rather than happy free conscious aware beings full of love and wisdom. That’s because the inherent nature of our societal system produces three types of people:

1. Robots/slaves/sheep/zombies/conformists — Most people are in this category. They are conformist sheep, living only to work and raise a family, harboring a materialistic mindset and judgmental attitude. They do not think for themselves, but only know what they are taught, and believe whatever everyone else believes. They live to work in order to make a living, never realizing that such is an oxymoron because if all you do is make a living, and you have nothing else to live for, then you have no life or real purpose to “make a living” for in the first place. These slaves live in mind numbing routines that tie them down, simply because that’s the way they were taught to live. They are enslaved, and conditioned to want it, seeing no other choice. Many become workaholics to the extreme. The mainstream are like this, particularly in American and Asian cultures. They judge others by materialistic standards. As such, they look down upon nonconformists who dare to be different with disdain and contempt.

2. Bums/degenerates/drug users/alcoholics/criminals — This type consists of people unable to conform to the system. So they rebel and end up as homeless bums, delinquents, drug users, alcoholics, low level petty criminals, pot smoking hippies, etc. Society views them negatively as degenerates and losers who are dangerous if not controlled. You find such types in the bad parts of a city. The educational and economic system basically raises you to see two choices in life – become a robot slave to work in order to make a living, or become a impoverished degenerate bum and be despised by society. (Gee what a bleak choice) In effect, society skews the “security vs. freedom” dichotomy into a negative choice, by attaching negative consequences to real freedom (becoming an impoverished degenerate bum) and insinuating that security through slavery/enslavement is the correct and socially acceptable choice.

3. Oppressors/predators/bullies/sociopaths/tyrants — These are power hungry oppressors who use fear and intimidation to control and dominate others. They are like predators that prey upon the weak and vulnerable in a “dog eat dog” Darwinistic world. In a competitive society where people are conditioned to view others as adversaries, they choose to be cruel heartless a-holes to get to the top. They thrive on power and will use any means necessary to accomplish their goals. To them, the ends justify the means. They relish being “a-holes” and enjoy bullying and intimidating others. Power by nature attracts evil people rather than good, and it is these types that it attracts, who often end up in leadership positions. That’s why you commonly find such types in management and executive level positions. They are cold, impersonal and view people only as statistics. Some are sociopaths without conscience — they can lie and start wars and bloodshed to promote their interests, yet sleep ok at night with no guilt. They range from thugs and mobsters, to white collar criminals, to corrupt politicians, tyrants and dictators above the law.

Most people fall into one of the three types above. Or they are a blend of them, passing through each type during different stages in their life. In fact, you can feel the vibes/energy of these types above everywhere you go amidst masses of people in public places, which is very sad, and alienating as well if you do not fall into one of the three types yourself.

Yet all these types simply suck. When you see them for what they are, you realize how insane they are. None of them live truly happy or free. They are all in effect, negative choices and speak volumes about the dysfunctional society that we live in. Obviously something must be very messed up to produce such types in the majority of people. We obviously live in a world of enslavement and control, a prison matrix so to speak.

That’s why it is difficult to find this fourth type which is the rarest:

4. Freethinkers/freespirits/nonconformists/intellectuals/truth-seekers/spiritually-inclined — These are the rarest. Being conscious, aware, spiritually-oriented and unslaved, they find a way to live a fruitful and meaningful life with freedom to discover one’s own purpose. They are liberated from the fear of what others think of them, and live in a world of possibilities rather than limitations. They are less materialistic, less judgmental, more wise, and have learned to shed attachments to live more simply. This type is the closest to self-actualization. As such, they prefer to inspire, empower, and uplift others rather than bring them down. Yet it is the rarest type because society does not condition you to be this way. We are conditioned to be materialistic, conformist and live to work. We are taught what to think, not how to think, making us conform to groupthink and highly judgmental of others. Thus this fourth type is the least common. One has to think outside the box and go through a process of transformation in order to find it. But even if one finds it, their next challenge then becomes that of a “starving artist” or “Bohemian”, struggling to live the #4 way of life successfully without falling down into the #2 type.

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