Wisdom Books: The Awakening of Intelligence by J. Krishnamurti

“Intelligence comes into being when the brain discovers its fallibility, when it discovers what it is capable of, and what it is not.”

This comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teaching is an excellent, wide-ranging introduction to the great philosopher’s thought. Within general discussions of conflict, fear, violence, religious experience, self-knowledge, and intelligence, Krishnamurti examines specific issues, such as the role of the teacher and tradition; the need for awareness of ‘cosmic consciousness’; the problem of good and evil; and traditional Vedanta methods of help for different levels of seekers. Krishnamurti discusses these themes with Jacob Needleman, Alain Naude, and Swami Venkatasananda, among others. ‘The Awakening of Intelligence’ is indispensable for all those intent on a fuller understanding of Krishnamurti’s teaching.

J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was a world-renowned spiritual teacher who, for more than fifty years, shared his message with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. He wrote many books, including ‘First and Last Freedom, Freedom from the Known’, and ‘Last Talks at Saanen 1985’.
About the Author

J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) devoted his life to counseling and teaching. For more than half a century he was a public figure, traveling continuously around the world to share a message that has been heard and read assiduously by countless persons of all ages. He wrote many books including the Ending of Time, The First and Last Freedom, Freedom From the Unknown, Total Freedom.


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