Enlightening Documentaries: The Great Work (2 – The Mental Plane)


Initiation Two: The Mental Plane

The element of Air symbolizes the plane of mind. In Qabballah, this part of the four-fold soul/body is called “Briah”, and is symbolized by the third letter in the tetragrammatorn, or Holy formula of creation: YHVH. In this formula, the Vav signifies both the realm of all mental activity, and at the same time, that part of our four-fold soul/body that lives in this realm. The realm of Air signifies Lower Mind, as opposed to the Higher Mind symbolized by the Fire element. Lower Mind is the domain of logic, reason, and basic navigatory skills, but is not the higher aspect of the psyche that we experience as creativity, inspiration, or the noumenous. Lower Mind can be thought of as a lens that can be trained on whatever we want to manifest in our lives. It can be focused on the good, the destructive, the noble or the wasteful. The Mysteries taught that when it is focused on those highest aspects of ourselves and the universe, it is playing its part in the Great Work.

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