Enlightening Documentaries: The Great Work (3 – The Emotional Plane)


Initiation Three: The Emotional Plane

The element of Water symbolizes the emotional plane. Our blood, our circulatory and lymphatic systems, the hormones that regulate our moods and emotions, are said to be our “water body”. Water symbolizes that part of the four-fold psyche that includes emotions, our sub-conscious mind, and at the higher end of the spectrum, the strange phenomenon of intuition. Rather than being something that the initiate must suppress or rise above, the emotional plane is a necessary ingredient in the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone, and like the other elements, must be purified and aligned with the other bodies. Mastery of the Emotional plane is a necessary step on the initiatory journey, as the emotions are the ingredient that binds the lower two worlds with the higher two. Join our initiators and educators as we explore time-tested formula for perfecting this aspect of ourselves, and understanding its role in the Great Work.

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