Enlightening Documentaries: The Great Work (4 – The Plane of Will)


Initiation Four: The Plane of Will

The element of Fire symbolizes the plane of will. In the Qaballistic system, it is represented by the “Yod” in the YHVH formula. It is variously known as Higher Mind, the Subtle Body, our Higher Self, the list goes on and on. The mysterious cosmic fire affects us on all four registers, body, mind, emotions, and spirit. On the material plane, it is the invisible life force that connects and sustains all matter. It is life, light, sustenance through photosynthesis, and the circulation of all frequencies of life through the universe.

On the mental plane, the cosmic fire reveals itself as creativity, imagination, innovation and Gnosis. On the emotional plane it reveals itself as our passions, our loves, our affinities and the values we most closely resonate with. On the highest plane, the cosmic fire manifests as our True Will. Not to be confused with simple willpower, our True Will is our inborn sense of our place, our path and our roll in the Universe.

The Fire initiation reveals methods for discovering nurturing, and giving expression to the inner fire on all the planes of existence.

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