Have you ever heard the saying that “History is written by the winners?” Those who win in the ongoing human power struggle simply write or rewrite history in order to make themselves look good and in order to support their ongoing agenda. If you have grown up in virtually any mainstream Christian church, you have been given a non-factual view of the history of Christianity. You have been given a view crafted by those who won the battle for control of the Christian religion, namely the power elite.

Why did the power elite have to pervert the original teachings of Jesus? Well, it is simple, really. They had to pervert Jesus’ teachings in order to use them as the basis for a religion. What is a religion? You have probably been told that a religion – or at least your religion – is an institution created by God or Jesus for the purpose of securing your eternal salvation. In other words, its purpose is to get you into another world. In reality, the true purpose of mainstream religion is to do something in this world, namely to allow the power elite to control the minds of the general population.

You might think this is an outrageous claim or that it applies to other religions, but not yours and certainly not the religion of Christ. Yet if you think this, you are ignoring historical facts. Consider a very simple question:

Why didn’t Jesus write down his teachings in the one and only “Gospel of Jesus?”

Why do we have four gospels that have significant differences, even contradictions, gospels that were all written decades after Jesus lived and in some cases NOT written by people who had actually met Jesus? Why were these four selected out of the dozens of gospels floating around in the first two centuries after Christ? Why didn’t Jesus simply foresee this confusion and avoid it by creating one official scripture and sending his apostles out to preach by that authoritative source?

Well, the real reason is that Jesus did not come to start a religion. Jesus was killed by a religion controlled by the power elite, and he had no intention of creating another religion that could be used by the power elite to control the people. So what did Jesus do? He refused to create an outer scripture containing his doctrine. Instead, he sent his apostles out to preach by the Holy Spirit. He told them to take no thought for what they would say, for it would be given to them by the Spirit. Do you begin to see why this was incredibly wise?

Jesus’ true goal is to set the people free from the enslavement by the power elite, what he called the blind leaders. Thus, his goal was to create a movement that could NOT be controlled by any power on earth. Instead, Jesus’ movement would be controlled from the spiritual realm through the agency of the Holy Spirit! And as a result, the power elite would find it more difficult to use Christianity in their ongoing quest to control the people.

Of course, the ultimate law on earth is free will. Most people did not understand the dynamic described here, so after a couple of centuries, a battle emerged between those who wanted to maintain the tradition of the Spirit and the Living Word and those who wanted to create an official Christian religion. As it usually happens, the power elite won, and Christianity was turned into a homogenous religion with a codified set of scriptures. Those who disagreed with this were then labeled as Gnostics and later as heretics.

The process of perverting Jesus’ teachings was completed when the Roman emperor Constantine turned Christianity into the state religion of the Roman empire. The official church now had military power to forcefully suppress any diverging view of Jesus and his true teachings. For the next thousand years the Roman Catholic Church used this power to suppress all knowledge that contradicted or went beyond official doctrine, and as a result the church aborted progress and took Europe into what is normally called the Dark Ages. And they were dark times, for the light of Christ was not allowed to shine.

So do you begin to see why Christianity perverted Jesus’ teachings? Jesus wanted a movement controlled from the spiritual realm. The power elite wanted a religion controlled from earth—by themselves. And the people were not wise enough to tell the difference.

Yet if you are willing, you can be wise enough today. And thus, you can become part of a new movement to bring forth and spread the true teachings of Christ and turn Christianity into the kind of movement that Jesus actually started.

This was taken from the website: Ask The Real Jesus

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