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Enlightening Articles: Aquinas On Liberty

The will is referred to as the appetitive power of the soul or the rational appetite. Like the intellect, the will is a spiritual faculty. It is that power through which an individual seeks to execute an act or attain to an object proposed to it by the intellect. The object of the will is always the good, and even in the election of evil, it must be proposed to the will under the appearance of good. Anything chosen as a means is therefore viewed under some aspect of goodness.

Therefore because in all voluntary acts choice is subsequent to a judgment upon the truth of the good presented, declaring to which good preference should be given, it is an immutably true principle that human liberty depends entirely on intellectual judgments that conform to reason and the natural law. If a judgment which does not conform to the natural law or to reason, and which is, therefore, objectively false and immoral, is acted upon by the will, then it is a source of grave disorder in society.
Exponentially multiply the number of individual immoral acts, and you have a Republic that collapses from moral decay in a short period of time.

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Wisdom Books: NonViolent Action Handbook by Sanderson Beck

I believe that our violent and plutocratic society needs a nonviolent revolution to end the neo-imperialist policies of the United States Government by democratic means so that we can have governments of real compassion, liberty, and true justice for all. This transformation of militarism must be nonviolent, not only because any violent attempt would be crushed by force, but because we are opposed to using violence. This ultimate revolution of our historic era is essentially a revolution to end the use of massive force in wars as instruments of social and political control. The process is one of converting hearts and minds by demonstrating the better ways of using education, communication, democracy, and active nonviolent persuasion. As George Harrison sang, “With our love we can change the world, if they only knew.” I have faith that the actions of loving people will bring about a more peaceful society. I hope you will help.

~ Sanderson Beck

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The Wisdom Of An Alien On The Government We Choose To Elect

As much as I like to think that those in Government, who we the people supposedly put in power, are there to serve us wisely and to protect and uphold the individual’s rights to live freely within a just and lawful community, in reality the opposite is the truth.

In fact, it is actually the people who have become psychologically enslaved by the very same corrupt elite that we have elected to govern our affairs, as we inexplicably serve and finance the Government’s own insidious agendas instead.

And what does the Government use to compel its loyal subjects into doing its bidding?  Yes, you guessed it – FEAR!

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For World Peace and Justice: Vote for Sanderson Beck for US President

Sanderson Beck and his books have already featured on this blog before, so for those new visitors who have no idea who this noble, wise and knowledgeable man is, please read the post ‘Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck’ .

As the title of this post suggests, Beck has chosen to run for President of the United States once again (he did so in 2003) due to the present state of his country and the world in general.

The United States are currently involved in violent conflicts in the Middle-East along with, perhaps, more pressing issues close to home such as the small matters of :

  • economic meltdown
  • rising unemployment
  • deteriorating health and welfare services
  • social unrest due to widening gap between rich and poor

Obviously, with the above list of problems, there is no better time than now for a drastic change in leadership and policy.

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