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Educational Talks: Noam Chomsky On The Philosophy Of Mind

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky – ‘On The Philosophy Of Mind’ – ‘Stony Brook Interviews’. Interviewed by Peter Ludlow and Q and A, May 7, 2003.

From New York’s Stony Brook University archives, Under the heading “on Chomsky, on language, on the mind, on freedom.

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Enlightening Documentaries: State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control


State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control, from the creators of A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, reveals that much of what we believe to be truth is actually deliberate deception. The global elites are systematically implanting lies into our consciousness to erect a “tyranny over the minds of men.” This film exposes the mind control methods being used to turn our once vibrant society into a land of obedient sheeple.

Are we controlled?

To what extent and by whom?

What does it mean for humanity’s future?

From cradle to grave our parents, peers, institutions and society inform our values and behaviors but this process has been hijacked. State Of Mind examines the science of control that has evolved over generations to keep us firmly in place so that dictators, power brokers and corporate puppeteers may profit from our ignorance and slavery. From the anvil of compulsory schooling to media and entertainment, we are kept in perpetual bondage to the ideas that shape our actions.

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Enlightening Articles: How To Be Free and Conscious in A Society of Enslavement and Fear

Hello, my name is Winston Wu.
I’d like to share a recent article with you. It conveys important liberating truths and lessons I’ve learned from years of research into alternative ideas and spiritual teachings by many truth seekers. I hope you will find some value in it. If you are new to alternative ideas, please meditate on these concepts and see if any of it makes sense to you after a while. If you like it, please share it with others. Thanks.

Here is an excerpt from the article ‘How To Be Free and Conscious in A Society of Enslavement and Fear’:

Have you ever realized how enslaving and oppressive the world is, when you look at it from a higher perspective? It seems like a prison matrix full of sheep, zombies, robotic slaves, bums, criminals, and oppressors, rather than happy free conscious aware beings full of love and wisdom. That’s because the inherent nature of our societal system produces three types of people:

1. Robots/slaves/sheep/zombies/conformists — Most people are in this category. They are conformist sheep, living only to work and raise a family, harboring a materialistic mindset and judgmental attitude. They do not think for themselves, but only know what they are taught, and believe whatever everyone else believes. They live to work in order to make a living, never realizing that such is an oxymoron because if all you do is make a living, and you have nothing else to live for, then you have no life or real purpose to “make a living” for in the first place. These slaves live in mind numbing routines that tie them down, simply because that’s the way they were taught to live. They are enslaved, and conditioned to want it, seeing no other choice. Many become workaholics to the extreme. The mainstream are like this, particularly in American and Asian cultures. They judge others by materialistic standards. As such, they look down upon nonconformists who dare to be different with disdain and contempt.

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Liberating Message To The Masses: When I Woke Up!

When I finally woke up I took a look around. I saw city halls, courthouses, houses of parliament, churches, schools, and universities by the hundreds and thousands. I saw systems – systems for managing the land, the air, and the water; systems for managing human behaviour; systems for managing religion; systems for managing learning; systems for managing food, shelter, clothing; systems for managing love and procreation: a vast complex of carefully engineered systems. I saw millions of people working, not for themselves, but for someone else. I saw millions of people doing, not what they themselves want to do, but what someone else wants them to do. I saw the depressing evidence of a people who have externalized and institutionalized – in fact, have tried to standardize – the very nature of humanity.

I saw a whole people who’ve lost the way of life and in its place have built a technological monster which does most of their hard work, carries their water, delivers their food, raises their kids, makes their decisions, says their prayers, transports them, “informs” them, entertains them, and controls the people it serves, absolutely. I also saw that the monster, seemingly unable to manage itself, was running wild, totally out of visible control, ripping the land to pieces, spreading poisons, filling the air with filth, dumping garbages and shit in the rivers and lakes and oceans. I saw all that, and I saw the people, millions of them, crowded together in cities, living side by side in towns, villages, rural areas. But I didn’t see a single community.

Is someone doing all of this on purpose? Yes!

~ a text by Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole

Wisdom Books: The End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke

From the Author
The intention of this book is to define the doctrine of liberty — to forever dispel the lie that culture and law have a rightful claim over your life. You are not the property of any king, dictator or nation. While cultures teach that human freedom means anarchy, history shows clearly that what freedom truly brings to people is peace and prosperity.

From the Back Cover
The dreams that burn in the hearts of billions have been growing stronger through the millennia. Ages of destruction wrought by tyranny will not go unanswered. The children of this world are owed a liberty from slavery that can only be satisfied by the utter eradication of evil from the earth.

Never in all of history have the elements been arrayed against the evil manifest in tyranny and slavery as they are today. Today is the most exciting day in all of human history; it is the dawn of the freedom of mankind.

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