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Wisdom Books: A Confession by Leo Tolstoy


This work marks the author’s movement from the pursuit of aesthetic ideals toward matters of religious and philosophical consequence. The poignant text describes Tolstoy’s heartfelt reexamination of Christian orthodoxy and subsequent spiritual awakening. Generations of readers have been inspired by this timeless account of one man’s struggle for faith and meaning in life.

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Quotes of Wisdom: R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz on Man’s Existence


What good the science that destroys itself? What purpose in awakening every morning for a wearisome daily struggle to reach the evening in a state of exhaustion, to reach the agony of such an empty life?… As long as cerebral intelligence governs the world, it will be dominated by beings of inferior mentality, for man’s life will be but struggle of force and power, struggle of vanity, struggle of wealth, struggle for an existence whose aim is warped…But man is not a beast; he is animated. Man is an epitome of the cosmos, a creature housing the divine spark. Man is not an evolved amphibian, an animal form that became what we are. Man is perfect at his origin, a divine being who has degenerated into what we are.

~ R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz (Egyptian Miracle)

Enlightening Talks: Rollo May – The Human Dilemma


Existential psychology emphasizes philosophic rather than psychopathological aspects of the human condition. In this animated, two-part discussion, Dr. May proposes that genuine growth comes from confronting the pain of existence rather than escaping into banal pleasures or shallow, positive thinking. Genuine joy, he says, can emerge from an appreciation of life’s agonies.

The late psychotherapist Rollo May was a recipient of the Distinguished Career Award of the American Psychological Association and a founding sponsor of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. He was author of numerous classic works including Love and Will, Psychology and the Human Dilemma, Freedom and Destiny, Dreams and Symbols, The Meaning of Anxiety and Man’s Search for Himself.

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