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Wisdom Books: Studies in Occultism by H. P. Blavatsky


This approachable introduction to Occultic knowledge is a concise and understandable starting point to your journey into the Mystic. The occult (from the Latin word occultus “clandestine, hidden, secret”) is “knowledge of the hidden”. In common English usage, occult refers to “knowledge of the paranormal”, as opposed to “knowledge of the measurable”, usually referred to as science. The term is sometimes taken to mean knowledge that “is meant only for certain people” or that “must be kept hidden”, but for most practising occultists it is simply the study of a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences. The terms esoteric and arcane have very similar meanings, and in most contexts the three terms are interchangeable.

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Wisdom Books: Theosophy – A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom by Alvin Boyd Kuhn


This work deals with the great renaissance of ancient Oriental Esotericism in the Western world in modern times. This book is an attempt to present a unified picture of the Theosophic movement in its larger aspects. Contents: Theosophy, An Ancient Tradition; The American Background of Theosophy; Helena P. Blavatsky: Her Life and Psychic Career; From Spiritualism to Theosophy; Isis Unveiled; The Mahatmas and Their Letters; Storm, Wreck, and Rebuilding; The Secret Doctrine; Evolution, Rebirth, and Karma; Esoteric Wisdom and Physical Science; Theosophy in Ethical Practice; Later Theosophical History; Some Facts and Figures; Bibliography.

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Wisdom Books: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception by Max Heindel


The evolution of man and the universe in correlation to science and Christian mysticism is presented here in Max Heindel’s magnum opus. A reference work in mysticism practice and occult study, Cosmo Conception provides the fundamentals of Esoteric Christianity from a Rosicrucian perspective.

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Enlightening Talks: Mark Passio – Natural Law Seminar


Natural Law – The REAL Law Of Attraction And How To Apply It In Your Life

A One-Day Seminar Illuminating The Most Occulted Information On Earth

The following videos comprise what I consider to be the most important material on which I speak. If you take away nothing else from my work, please learn and understand THIS information, and put it to practical use in your daily life.

This seminar took place on October 19, 2013 at the Omni Hotel in New Haven, Connecticut. The seminar was hosted by Art Capozzi and Chris Capozzi, both of whom I send tremendous thanks and appreciation for doing such a great job as the event organizers. I also commend Art on his excellent introductory presentation, Pattern Recognition Time (which can also be viewed below). Also, great thanks go out to Richard Grove and the whole crew of Tragedy And Hope Communications for filming and editing the presentations.

~ Mark Passio

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