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For World Peace and Justice: Vote for Sanderson Beck for US President

Sanderson Beck and his books have already featured on this blog before, so for those new visitors who have no idea who this noble, wise and knowledgeable man is, please read the post ‘Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck’ .

As the title of this post suggests, Beck has chosen to run for President of the United States once again (he did so in 2003) due to the present state of his country and the world in general.

The United States are currently involved in violent conflicts in the Middle-East along with, perhaps, more pressing issues close to home such as the small matters of :

  • economic meltdown
  • rising unemployment
  • deteriorating health and welfare services
  • social unrest due to widening gap between rich and poor

Obviously, with the above list of problems, there is no better time than now for a drastic change in leadership and policy.

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Wisdom Books Update: Sanderson Beck’s Literary Works Now Added

Wisdom Bible written by Sanderson Beck

Just a reminder for those who browse this blog to also check out my Wisdom Books page (you can also access it from the menu above) from time to time, as I periodically update it with book recommendations and free eBooks on the subjects of philosophy and wisdom written by the great thinkers in ancient history and the modern age.

I have also recently updated the page with the enlightening and knowledgeable works of peace activist Sanderson Beck, who has already featured on this blog in the post Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck.

So please have look at Sanderson’s many online books because I’m sure you will  learn much beneficial wisdom that you can apply to your life for the better.

Sanderson Beck Email Response

Carrying on from my last post ‘Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck’, I sent Sanderson the following email:

Dear Sanderson,

I just wanted to show my appreciation for the effort, work and knowledge you have put on your website Literary works of Sanderson Beck (so much so, that I have included a link to your site on a list of important sources of wisdom on my blog http://www.knowledgereform.com/).

As such I have posted a small post on my blog in regard your beneficial knowledge and noble efforts towards peace which will hopefully bring you more recognition that you deserve.

My website deals with the same subject matter of trying to liberate people’s minds toward seeking truth and cultivating wisdom within so to live a more joyful and peaceful existence.

I’m just glad to know there are still a few of us truth-seekers left who can try to awaken the rest of the apparent brainwashed and misguided sheep out there with the ancient knowledge, wisdom and the real truth of what is really going on in the world.

If we are to have peace in the world we must all dispel the darkness of ignorance with wisdom and common sense. Unfortunately, ignorance is something that pervades the world at present, so the knowledge you share is most important for everyone learn, and especially the next generation.

You can read the post here: http://www.knowledgereform.com/2010/10/13/unknown-bearers-of-true-knowledge-and-wisdom-sanderson-beck/

Please feel free to leave a comment on my blog, and please carry on the great work because we need more people like to help us all understand ourselves so that we can change this world for the better.

With much appreciation and respect,

Jason Cooper

Being the gentlemen that Sanderson is he responded with the following email:

Dear Jason,
I do not have a copy of what I wrote and submitted as a comment on your blog. So this time I will write in an email to keep a copy.
Thank you for your kind words about me. We have sold very few books so far, but the website is well used. In September the average number of hits per day was over 14,000, and the average number of visits per day was over 3,000. The visits used to be more than 5,000 per day before my website was down for several weeks in about 2008. I am grateful for any corrections or suggestions.
I am considering running for President again to offer policies in harmony with the teachings of the Christ and other sages, but I have little money. I am opposed to paying income tax to the US Government to support its wars, and so I keep my income below the poverty line. I work full-time on my writing and am not paid anything for it.
Once again thank you for your efforts to promote my work.
Love and Light,
Sanderson Beck

Thanks once again Sanderson, and all the best with your future endeavors.

Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck

Could this be Jesus resurrected in the 21st century? No. It's in fact Sanderson Beck - A man with much beneficial knowledge to share

I came across an amazing site long ago whilst searching for websites on the subjects of “truth, knowledge and wisdom”.

Here is a short biography on the man who is responsible for the aforementioned site:

Sanderson Beck was born March 5, 1947 in Los Angeles. He earned a B.A. in Dramatic Art from the University of California at Berkeley, an M.A. in Religious Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara, Ph.D. candidacy in the Philosophy of Education from U.C.L.A., and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the World University. He was a Conscientious Objector during the Vietnam War. In 1982 he formulated World Peace Movement Principles, Purposes, and Methods, and in 1987 he traveled to 47 states and met with 600 peace groups to promote peace and disarmament. He has been arrested many times for nonviolently protesting nuclear weapons and military intervention and in 1989 was imprisoned for six months. Sanderson has taught Philosophy and many other subjects at the World University since 1976.

On September 1, 2001 World Peace Communications was incorporated as a nonprofit organization for educational, literary, and charitable purposes. Sanderson’s versions of the Wisdom Classics have been published as the WISDOM BIBLE in 2002. Sanderson published the Nonviolent Action Handbook and GUIDES TO PEACE AND JUSTICE in 2003. He became an official candidate for President of the United States in December 2002, and in May 2003 he endorsed Dennis Kucinich. The first six volumes of the ETHICS OF CIVILIZATION were published by 2005, and three more volumes were published by 2008. GUIDES TO PEACE AND JUSTICE was expanded and came out as the two-volume HISTORY OF PEACE in July 2005, followed by The Art of Gentle Living in September, BEST FOR ALL: How We Can Save the World in November, and Confucius and Socrates in 2006. In July 2008 Beck published The Good Message of Jesus the Christ, Peace or Bust, 4 Screenplays, Socrates Plays, and George Washington.

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