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Wisdom of Art: The Sustainable Artist – Michael Green


My mission, simply put, is to find good homes for my art work. I’m aiming to spread awareness of our social and economic issues by artistically creating a talking point with using thrown away objects.

Whether the message be on an old T.V, mobile phone, plastic toy or anything for that matter, the message is clear…….we can begin to embrace a positive movement of change whatever our age,sex,race,nation or belief system.

How would you feel if you had a piece of art that expressed a deeper understanding of our current world problems and solutions? Enabling you to help spread positive ideas and invite others to investigate our possible future further.

~ Michael Green

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Enlightening Articles: Are People Really Stupid Or Is It Something Else?


In the morning and afternoon each weekday my drive takes my by a pasture of grazing Buffalo. Looking like a dark brown walking lawn grown out of control, they peacefully meander about all day in search of a tasty morsel of flora. These innocent herbivores have absolutely no idea what their future holds in store for them, but we do. They have the same dark future as other cattle.

Are there parallels between people and cattle? In a way there are. However, even if cattle were aware of their fate, there is little they could do about it. We are on the outside looking in ­ but cattle are on the inside looking out. Quite a big difference. At least for now.

“Keeping up with the Jones’ ” has been a way of life in America extending deep into her past, and a syndrome which probably exists in most civilized countries. Curiously, this is a phenomenon of the rich and middle class but not so much for the poor. When we were married in 1975 there was no silver spoon, no endowment, no fistfuls of stock certificates or other handouts. In fact, we were quietly married by a town JP. I’m still glad of that to this day. In fact, we rented a house in what many would call “the combat zone” in a medium sized city. The thought of being robbed was always present. When you go without many things, it makes you try harder, and strengthens your resolve to improve your life.

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