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Educate yourselves with the following recommended Wisdom books on the subjects of Wisdom Teachings, Ancient Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Esoteric Knowledge, Ancient Civilizations, History, Politics, Positive Thinking and many more books which will help provide you with the enlightening knowledge to grow spiritually and improve mentally.

Also included is a list of authors with links to free downloads of various PDF and Online eBooks they have written on the aforementioned subjects.  Please check this page from time to time as it is periodically updated with new books and authors.

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Recommended Books: Literary Works of Sanderson Beck

To find out more about Sanderson Beck, his non-violent activism and his work please visit his site here: http://www.san.beck.org/

Read my post on Sanderson Beck: Unknown Bearers Of True Knowledge And Wisdom: Sanderson Beck

Here is also my review of the highly recommended Wisdom Bible: Book Review: Wisdom Bible by Sanderson Beck

Sanderson Beck Free Online Books:

For those who prefer to hold a PHYSICAL BOOK in their hands, paper-and-ink editions of the Sanderson Beck books above are available at a modest cost on his website, click here to go to the Order Form Page.

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